226551563 - Saeco Non-Pressurized Portafilter Grey

226551563 - Saeco Non-Pressurized Portafilter Grey
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Saeco Non-pressurized portafilter used in all Saeco semi automatic traditional pump models. This Filter holder is also sold under another number 226551363. The filter basket is not included. The filter basket from pressurized filter holder works in non pressurized filter holder as well.

To install a new 2-cup filter basket, order part #0124.450.120. For this portafilter in black see part  #226551550. (Used in all Saeco semiautomatic home models like Aroma, Espresso Classico, Magic Cappuccino, Via Veneto, Gran Crema, Athena, Barista SIN006, Barista Zia and other older models); The spring backed thumb tab on the handle holds the filter cup in place when the filter holder is not engaged in the group group.

CLICK HERE to watch the educational video for proper PortaFilter use, cleaning and maintenance as explained by the Guru.

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 For exploded diagram, maintenance information and parts list, visit our website http://www.partsguru.com/SaecoPortafilters.html.

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With purchase of this item a number of Maintenance instructions can be downloaded from the following page on this Internet store.Check the following link:





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