Cafe Bella Decaf 100% Arabica Beans 16-Oz. Bag-(CO2 process)

Cafe Bella 100% Arabica Decaffeinated beans (CO2 process) 16-Oz bags
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Cafe Bella 50 50 BUZZ 100% Arabica Decaffeinated Espresso beans 

Bags of 16-Oz. vacuum sealed with One way valve.

Blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil & Costa Rica.

Decaffeinated with CO2 process.

The CO2 Decaffeination process removes more Caffeine than any other process. It uses two Pure water and CO2 to extract Caffeine. It is a direct contact method without use of any chemicals. The bean's Carbohydrates and Proteins are not affected by the process, ensuring extraction of the full flavor. The by-products in this process are natural and recyclable.

When quality matters, no compromise or excuse is valid.

Buy the right beans & make the best coffee.

We offer Four Blends to Choose from.

Try One today. Discover what is Best


 Experience Coffee Nirvana. Too good to say No

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Guru's Choice Cafe Bella Decaffeinated beans offers the following characteristics:

1-The Blend is with 100% Arabica beans from Brazil & Costa Rica.

2- The Roasting of beans is a time critical & precision process. 'Espresso roast' retains full aroma and full bean content in coffee. The cofee oil is best protected if preserved inside the bean, to be released only when beans are ground, just seconds before extraction of coffee.

Dark roast oily finish charrs the beans & destroys Caffeine & other essential elements. Oil seen outside the bean is obvious sign of over-roasting. Oil comes in direct contact with air & moisture & rendered stale & rancid. The coffee made will be without Caffeine & taste burnt & bitter.  

3- Roasted beans have limited fresh-life of 2 months is vacuum sealed bags. When the bag is opened, the freshness lasts 4 days to be consumed. Smart storage means protection from harmful contact with air & moisture. Freezing, Refrigeration or an airtight jar is not right. As the best solution for freshness of beans from the roasting to the brewing is in a smaller 4-Oz. bag. 

4- Fully automatic espresso machines Guru's Choice Gamea Revo & Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino& Aulika Top have built in Conical burr grinder). These machines grind one cup at a time, before extraction. This ensures freshest quality of espresso.

5- The Conical burr grinder guarantees uniform grind at lower grinding speed (650 R.P.M). Lower speed does not generate heat to alter the quality of ground coffee.

7- The intensity of coffee in fully automatic machines is adjusted by grind time (not by finer grind).

Extracting Classic shot of Espresso is a special process. It includes four essential elements for best quality extract in the cup. 1- Blend of beans 2- Right roasting (Espresso roast). 3- Fresh Uniform grind one cup at a time.  Knowledge of what makes best Espresso is more important than instinctive change of settings.

Classic shot of espresso is made by complying the following four essential elements:

a- Water: Use pure water free from chemical taste. (No distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water please).

Water for Classic espresso must be instantly heated & used immediately. Pre-heated water or boiled water makes coffee or Tea but does not make espresso. Lever operated home coffee makers use pre-heated water & are the worst.

All commercial machines in the coffee shops & all fully automatic espresso machines heat water instantly for each espresso extraction.

Temperature of water must not be below 175 to 180F. Jura machines rarely meet this. Some Jura owners heat up in the microwave!

b- Espresso beans: Espresso beans are especially blended with beans from two or more sources. Beans from each country source have specific characteristics (very much like the native population from that country).

C- Roasting: Roasting is a sensitive process that is time sensitive & needs constant attention and experience. Italian roast, Espresso roast, Dark roast & French roast are some popular roasts. Espresso roast is just the right result that brings out the maximum flavor without bringing the Oil out. Espresso roast makes very flavorful coffee ideal for use in fully automatic espresso makers. 

50 50 BUZZ beans are roasted as 'Espresso roast' & Best for grinders in fully automatic Espresso machines.

d- Grinding: Uniform grind & Freshly ground beans is an important factor for extraction. The fully automatic machines grind one cup at a time for freshness. The Conical burr grinders guarantee uniform grind. Fully automatic machines must have built-in Conical burr grinders.         


(We do not recommend or sell machines with Ceramic burr grinders).

e- Espresso Extraction: Espresso extraction is done by passing water at 9 Bar pressure (160 p.s.i) through compacted coffee grounds. This is automatically guaranteed by a spring supported check valve that will not allow passage of water until the presure is 9 Bars. This valve eliminates the need for powdery fine grind. Semiautomatic machines & hands on experience of making espreso is a chauvinist show off.

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