Conical Burrs ring & Cone for Saeco, Gaggia, Spidem, Solis

226473500 - 996530029672 Conical Burrs Set for Magic-Royal_Vienna Grinder
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Saeco Conical Burr Set Upper and lower. For all fully automatic Home espresso machines of Saeco, Spidem, Gaggia, Jura and Solis Brands. Conical burrs grind is uniform at a 1/3 rd speed than the flat disc burrs. Sold as set with upper and lower). Use for Saeco Italia, Charisma, Magic line, Vspresso, Vienna line, Royal line, Gaggia Titanium, Syncrony Digital, Logic and Compact line, Spidem Divina, Stratos and Trevi line models. (Does not work in Saeco's Ceramic burr grinders).

 For installation of upper burr, the upper burr has to be removed from the plastic casing. It is usually not easy because the upper and lower covers are usually jammed and do not separate easily. Consider ordering upper burr inside the plastic casing - Part #9141.039-CA.

Philips has moved Saeco assembly plant to Romania. We do not promote or sell Philip/Saeco poorly designed espresso machines made in Romania since 2006.

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Please note: We sell three exclusive fully automatic Espresso machines: Gamea Revo, Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino (Made in Italy) & Saeco Aulika Top High speed (Made in Italy) models.  If you need additional information on machines made in Italy, please contact us. These machines are sold only by selected dealers in Washington & Ohio. These three machines are not sold byWhole Latte Love, Seattle Coffee Gear, or Large Box stores like costco, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale, William Sonoma, Nieman Marcus, Target, Macys or Amazon. Philips will not import Royal O.T. or Aulika because these models are well designed & made in Italy. We do not promote or sell Philip/Saeco espresso machines made in Romania since 2006.

We sell only the best machines described below: 

1-  Guru's Choice Gamea Revo Automatic Espresso machine

The first home espresso machine with Touch Screen Control

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20% fewer parts. No Knobs, Buttons No On-Off Switch.

Dimensions: LxWXH=17"x14"x15"


2- Saeco Royal O.T. Superautomatic Cappuccino machine

Original Pre 2006 Design - Dimensions: LxWXH=18"x14"x15"

3- Saeco AuLika Top, One Touch machine CLICK HERE for Demo video

Unrivalled choice for Home, Office, Cafeteria, Catering & Vending   

GAMEA Revo Cappuccino Machine - Silver        GAMEA Revo Cappuccino Machine - Matte Black            Royal One Touch Cappuccino Machine             Espresso coffee machine / commercial / automatic AULIKA TOP Saeco                  Gamea Revo Silver      Gamea Revo Black      Royal One Touch          Saeco AuLika Top One Touch

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These Home models have changed the way Classic espresso is made

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