Free Necklace with Royal One Touch

Free Antique Necklace with Purchase of Royal One Touch
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 Saeco Royal One Touch Espresso & Cappuccino machine. Sold with 

Free Hand made Necklace & Ear ring set with purchase of

Royal One Touch 120V Super automatic Cappuccino machine 120V.

Click Here for details on Royal One Touch Cappuccino 

Upgrade expensive to repair Jura, Gaggia, Philip/Saeco Espresso

You will be Happy you did

Without a doubt, Royal One Touch is 10 times better than any Jura machine

 Only one Necklacedisplayed in each design is available. First come first served.

Royal One Touch is sold until the Necklace quantities last.

For the Joy of Giving & Receiving

Each Necklace is as displayed. No returns.

The Necklace is for formal wear.

The Necklace will be mailed separately, insured & for signed delivery,

Shipped to same address as the machine

Best Values

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