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Gamea Revolution
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Gamea Revo - The Home Espresso Revolution was initiated with a desire to overcome the growing deterioration in quality of Famous brands. Machines are sold at large Box stores & by vendor-for-profit stores.

After-sale service is not provided by seller. For service during warranty owner is directed to the manufacturers. Many Brands like Jura, Breville, Delonghi & Krups, openly refuse to sell parts. Philips owns Saeco-Gaggia brands since 2006. Philips moved the Saeco plant to Romania - where labor is cheap & no quality control regulations.

Philips has one Fulfilment center in USA for spare parts. This retarded center back orders an average 4 to 6 weeks, 60% of commonly used parts. The situation is helpless, & owners of these Brands find no end to their frustrations. American consumer deserves better.


Who makes Gamea Espresso machine and Where?

As technicians and Vendor for Home & Commercial machines for 20 years, we sell Gamea Revo and back up 100% service with parts and state of the art repairs facility - all under one roof. We developed Gamea Revo with 20% fewer plastic parts, uses commercial grade valves, & combines the best features for functions, convenience for Classic shots of Espresso. Gamea Revo is priced & sold at affordable lower price.

Gamea Revo was introduced 4 years ago, as a new fully automatic Espresso machine, that is convenient & affordable. Gamea has No knobs - No Buttons - No ON-Off switch. It is operated & programmed with latest Touch screen technology. CLICK HERE to know important Gamea features.

Gamea is Italian design. Has Italian Internal parts. To keep finished cost low & affordable, Gamea was assembled in China. This is not new. Philips/Saeco machines are made in Romania, Jura machines use parts from Italy, Portugal & China and asembled in Portugal. For those who are concerned about the quality of products made in China should know that most of the popular Brands will not survive if 20 to 40% parts were not made in China.  Philips moved Saeco plant to Romania. Apple Phone is made in China, Breville machines made 100% in China.

Gamea is one of the best choices of machines sold in North America for Home or Office, backed with 100% after sale service, parts and tech support.  CLICK HERE for Gamea Demo Video.

Gamea Revo is an ideal espresso maker, a step up for the following reasons:

1- Old semiautomatic machine & standalone grinder takes an average 20 precious minutes every morning, to make coffee without control over variables that can change quality of final product every day. It is time for semiautomatic machine owners to explore fully automatic machines with built-in grinder, for convenience, uniform & fresh quality of Espresso & convenience to make classic shots of espresso every morning. Every home owner likes to or has already upgraded appliances & gadgets of daily use in the kitchen except the Espresso machines. Even after 20 years of use, there is strong desire to repair the old & tired espresso machine, willingness to spend repeatedly for repairs, costing more than the value of the old machine. It is time to pause & consider why? Lever models and other semiautomatic Home models make poor quality & stale coffee. Owners of these models should find out how much has changed in the age of Google, Wireless, Internet, Face book & Instagram.

2- Replace expensive Jura machines that are un-hygienic internally. Jura machine owners frustrated with error codes lack of technical help, repair centers, & Jura parts are not available.

3- Old fully automatic Saeco, Gaggiia machines from Pre-2004 are ageing and need upgrade to end frequent breakdowns & higher cost of repairs. Replacement of one or two parts provides only temporary fix. The machines have served well & it is time for fresh quality of coffee, convenience & upgrade.

In 2006, Philips bought Saeco group (including Gaggia & Spidem). The Saeco factory was moved to Romania. Durable well designed pre-2006 models of Saeco & Gaggia were discontinued. The Philips New Generation of machines designed in 2006 or after are Plastic junk, malfunction frequently & parts are not available..

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