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Gamea Revo features and functions
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Guru's Choice Gamea Revo fully automatic espresso machine - Operated, programmed & maintained by advanced Touch screen technology.


Gamea is designed with 20% fewer parts. Following parts that most commonly malfunction are eliminated:

1-  Solenoid valves replaces the traditional steam valve & knob. Steam valve in most popular models is an assembly with 18 to 28 components and operated by an external knob. Manual usage of knob and high temperature of steam causes the O-rings & tube connections to leak. In Gamea Revo the steam valve & knob is replaced by durable and commercial grade Solenoid valve. 

2- Function buttons (Push type or rocker style) have been replaced by APP style Function Icons on a Touch screen.

3- On-Off switch has been eliminated. Machine turns on with lighted Touch screen when machine is plugged into electric outlet. It will turn itself off if screen (Or machine) is not used for One hour. The Touch screen remain lighted in the Off mode with a single large fuming cup of coffee on the screen. the functions are activated & displayed with a simple touch of the screen (Like a Cell phone is activated by a simple Touch on the screen).

4- Active Touch screen displays the Function icons (single espresso; double espresso; Hot water & steam). When any function is activated, additional icons appear in the lower end of the screen.

These Icons include:

ESC Icon on the lower right side. ESC Icon is for Cancelling wrong function selection or for terminating or interrupting any function in progress.

Spoon Icon to initiate Pre-ground function selection;

Programming Icon for setting maintenance options like Descaling, Date & Time setting & more.

CLICK HERE for Gamea features 

CLICK HERE for Gamea Demo Video

CLICK HERE for Video Guide on how to Descale Gamea espresso.


 Beans remain fresh for 4-days when a bag is opened.

We pack Beans in 4-Oz. Bags to keep fresh until consumed

Vacuum sealed roasted beans remain fresh for 2-months.


Our Fresh Roasted Beans include:

50 50 BUZZ, Espresso Bella, Macho & Decaf. beans

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No Refrigeration - No Air-Tight Jars - No Bean-sitting to preserve Freshness.

Experience Fresh Coffee Nirvana. Sooo good to say NO

Bean Facts:

The Roasting of beans is a time critical & precision process. 'Espresso roast' retains full aroma and full bean content in coffee. The coffee oil is best protected if left inside the bean, to be released only when beans are ground, just seconds before extraction of coffee.

Dark roast oily finish charrs the beans & destroys Caffeine & other essential elements. Oil seen outside the bean is obvious sign of bad & careless over-roasting. Oil on the surface comes in direct contact with air & moisture for chemical changes & rendered stale & rancid product. The coffee extract will be without Caffeine & taste burnt & bitter.  

Do not 'Ever' buy any pre-ground coffee. It is too fine for home espresso machine. It is stale. It is mixture of floor swept bean scrap.

Roasted beans have limited fresh-life of 2 months in vacuum sealed bags. When the bag is opened, the freshness lasts 4 days to be consumed. Smart storage means protection from harmful contact with air & moisture. Freezing, Refrigeration or an airtight jar is not right. As the best solution for freshness of beans from the roasting to the brewing is in a smaller 4-Oz. bag. 

Do not refrigerate or freeze beans. They absorb moisture, which in turn clogs the grinder burrs and may cause them to rust. Clean coffee grinder (Built in or stand alone) every three months.

Calibrate the quality of espresso every day by making espresso in a shot glass. A shot glass limits the coffee size, allowing a visual check of espresso quality. Examine the color of espresso and the thickness of Crema. For making American coffee, dilute espresso with hot water from the same machine, instead of passing more water from the same ground coffee to add bitter & burnt taste.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Frustrated with expensive repairs of old espresso machine?  

Is the repair cost of old machine higher than its resale value?

UPGRADE your machine for one of the following reliable models:

1-  Guru's Choice Gamea Revo Automatic Espresso machine

  CLICK HERE for Gamea Demo Video   CLICK HERE for Gamea make & model?

20% fewer parts. No Knobs, Buttons or Switcthes.

Program, maintain & Operate with Touch Screen.

 Dimensions: LxWxH=16"x11"x15"

2- Saeco Royal O.T. Superautomatic Cappuccino machine

Original Pre 2006 Design - Dimensions: LxWXH=18"x14"x15"

3- Saeco AuLika Top, One Touch machine CLICK HERE for Demo video

Unrivalled choice for Home, Office, Cafeteria, Catering & Vending   

GAMEA Revo Cappuccino Machine - Silver        GAMEA Revo Cappuccino Machine - Matte Black            Royal One Touch Cappuccino Machine             Espresso coffee machine / commercial / automatic AULIKA TOP Saeco                  Gamea Revo Silver      Gamea Revo Black      Royal One Touch          Saeco AuLika Top One Touch

Click picture for details.  CLICK HERE for Gamea Revo features

These models have changed the way Classic espresso is made

 Have questions? E-mail inquiries.

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