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Jura Feedback & problems
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 Feedback-1 from Jura J5 owner

I am writing from Australia, as I own a Jura Impressa j5 machine that has split the reinforced silicone hose joining the check valve down the bottom of the machine to the thermoblock up the top right hand side of the machine. As you would know Jura won't help me at all (they helped empty $2000 from my bank account when I purchased the machine), and won't even discuss alternate options other than sending the machine to them with $500 so they can replace a $20 hose for me. Can you advise an alternate way of fixing it, as I can access silicone hose the same size, but cant find reinforced silicone that size anywhere in Australia. Look forward to your reply.

SOLUTION: Parts Guru sent the relevant Video guide & exploded parts diagram to this J5 owner, & shipped the oval head key to Australia to help open the machine.  We ship Jura parts to 49 countries.

Feedback-2 from Jura S9 owner

Sadly, I still haven’t fixed my S9.  I agree with you that Jura does not sell parts & makes it impossible with the way it hides all the moving parts behind panels and panels and panels.

I never could ‘see’ whether piston is moving on the Brew Group when the ‘rinse’ or ‘espresso’ is pressed.  I presume it is not.  I lubricated the piston and then I also lubricated the magnet valve pin plunger thinking it was stuck.  However, it seems to move freely.  I wonder if some switch is malfunctioning and the piston isn’t activating. 

I don’t want to send in the machine as it is so old that it isn’t worth the $500 that Jura charges to look at it.  If you can think of any parts I should replace, I would gladly buy them from you and replace them.  At the moment, I reassembled the machine and am leaving it for a few days while I travel a bit.  I just got too frustrated.  After spending hours dismantling the machine and rebuilding the brew group with your parts, only to see it work while the machine didn’t work (meaning water leaked out the bottom of the brew group, that was otherwise working) was very frustrating. 

Again, if you can think of anything more that would be great.  As far as I can tell (and Jura makes it too difficult to actually ‘see’), the valve pin plunger and the piston are in alignment, but the piston isn’t activating when it should.  I think that is the problem, although again, I can’t actually see it even with a powerful flashlight, because in order to see it I need to leave the front door open and that involves letting too many ‘sensors’ stop the machine from moving (the water tank doesn’t fit for one).  If there were a way to defeat the sensors, I could see whether the piston works. 

Feedback-3 from Jura F7 owner who purchased a Saeco Royal One Touch

I had a Jura and when it started leaking water I took it apart with the help of the Parts Guru. We had the machine for a number of years and until it started leaking, it worked well. I found the probelm I could have fixed it for very little money, however I didn't and I'll tell you why. To get to the brew groupit is quite a little task. It took about 45 minutes and many screws. 

We request all Jura owners to share their experience with us about their Jura machines and the experience with Jura company. We welcome pictures showing internal leakage, rusted parts & other dirty internal parts.

Dealers who sell Jura machines, do not disclose the following:

Jura machines are programmed for change of Filter cartridges that are expensive and ineffective.

Jura machines will display error codes but do not suggest a corrective solution.

Jura does not sell parts to anyone. Even for a small O-ring replacement, machine has to be shipped to Jura with a Payment check between $375 to $500.00

In many cases Jura will not repair a machine & offer a Trade in for a refurbished machine for $800 to $1000. That is a nice way to get rid of the machines returned from Costco, Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale or William Sonoma.

This is for information of all Jura owners:

1- We offer our service to repair Jura machines.

2- Stock Jura parts for resale to customers who have sufficient technical skills to fix their own machines.

3- For mechanically skilled owners of Jura machines we encourage Do-It-Yourself repairs.

4- We have detailed Video guides on Jura machines and Videos on how to refurbish and replace internal parts like Brew group, Grinder, Membrane regulator, Thermoblock dispensing valve. The Videos are posted on our You tube Channel "Parts Guru USA".

The response was tremendous. The Videos were focused on educating Jura machine owners to understand internal mechanics.  This increased our Jura parts sales.  We feel very satisfied for taking steps for a good reason & hope that sooner than late, Jura company will understand their negative policies.

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