On-Off lighted Green switch 4-pins 22x30 mm

90007 - 1030376 - W491 Power on-off lighted Green switch 4-pins 22x30 mm
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Lighted On-Off green switch 4-pins 22x30 mm. This one function function rocker switch can be used in many electrical appliances. Use in many Home and commercial espresso machines; Slush machines and LaPavoni Professional and Millennium Lever models. To install the switch the buyer should know some electrical work. We do not accept any responsibility for any type of damage due to errors of installation.

For installation of a switch: , make clear notes on the color and position of wires connected to the old switch. If necessary take a picture.

Disconnect one wire at a time and connect to the same position on the new swicth.

To remove old switch, press the flexible lugs on the switch from inside top and bottom and push it out of the slot. of the ol Insert the new switch from outside in. Reconnected the wires as per earlier notes.

No additional help will be provided over the phone or email.

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