Power cord 15A 14-Gauge 10 feet 3-wire plug 120V

0018562 Power cord 15A 14-Gauge 8 feet 3-wire prong 120V
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Power cord 15A 14-Gauge 8 feet 3-wire prong 120V. No plug for connecting to the machine as the machine has its own terminal. Use for all 2-Bowl slush machines SPM, Ice Dream, ULTRA-2, Ugolini, Sencotel, GBG. Do not use for 3-bowl slush machines.


We sell Faby Skyline Fast Freeze - Best slush machines.

Holds better at higher ambient temperature

LED lights display product brighter & better than other Brands.

For Homes, Businesses, Restaurants, Corporate dining, Rentals, Catering & more

For routine maintenance of espresso machine: 

Lubricate moving parts and seals

Keep the condenser coil clean.

Best Values

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