Professional Steamer, slim with strong steam jet

Professional Steamer, slim with strong steam jet
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0962 Professional steamer for Powerful Non-stop steam.


UL & TUV Certifies for Home & Business use

Steam Milk, Hot Chocolate, Tea,  Cafe Latte, Macchiato & Cappuccino

Bring Coffee shop in the kitchen. Discover the dormant Barista in you

Small foot print Dimensions: 7" Wide x12" Deep x 12.5" High.

Free from Frothers & Carafe headaches

Easy to Clean & maintain

The steamer adds years to the life of the old & ailing machine

A useful appliance in the kitchen to own

Dimensions: 7" wide x14.5" tall x12" deep. CLICK HERE for details.

Perfect partner for Jura or any other automatic espresso machine

Have questions? Call or email us for details.

The frequest problem in any Home or commercial espresso machine is:

1- Leaking steam valve & the associated valve replacement costs. There are several Brands like Saeco & Gaggia New Gen models, all old & new Jura machines with Cappuccinatore or an ineffective Carafe milk system.

2- Jura home espresso machine have a chronic problem of cleaning the frother, or the milk carafe. Jura machines have a common problem with reduced pressure of steam and the cost of maintaining & cleaning the Caraf. The Jura machines have inefficient steam valve & insufficient steam for good results.

3- In businesses & coffee shops with high volume of business during peak hours or at outdoor events, the additional capacity for steaming is always welcome. The high volume needs can be availalable without losing business.

Dispense steamed Hot Chocolate or other hot drinks.

The one & only convenient compact steamer that is efficient, with narrow foot print, for steamimg with insulated steam pipe.

Technical Characteristics :

- Body in stainless steel;  - Water tank 1,8 L -  Steam Boiler -  Anti-burn steam wand in stainless steel; - Steam thermostat  135 Degrees  -  Safety thermostat   200 Degrees -  Ulka Pump -  Safety Klixon; - Warning light 

Professional Steamer model 0962 offers that extra arm for additional steaming capacity. It has boiler of its own and temperature controls, slim style with strong steam jet. UL & TUV certified. Use for Home & businesses of all sizes where additional capacity for steaming in needed. Use it for peak hour steaming volume. An ideal tool to expand steaming capacity for high or medium volume locations. Use as a compact steam source next to any home espresso machine. We recommend this steamer with many Jura machines which fail to generate enough steam and steamed milk serves cool Cappuccino or Cafe Latte. 

Best Values

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