Saeco Lirika One Touch Bean to Cappuccino 120V LOT300

Saeco SUP041 Lirika One Touch Bean to Cappuccino 120V
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Saeco Lirika One Touch Bean to Cappuccino 120V, Imported exclusively by Parts Guru.

Available at Affordable price from experienced technicians

Convenient, One Touch Comfort & Quality of coffee

Imported exclusively & recommended by Parts Guru

Price includes One year warranty on electrical parts & labor



Who could ask for anything more?

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Dimensions: Wide 9"  Deep:  17.5"     Tall:  15".

Lirika One Touch serves six programmed Coffee drinks at the Touch of a button.

     Drinks served from a Saeco Lirika One Touch    


The main features of Lirika One Touch are following:                                      

1- New design in which multiple part assemblies of steam & water dispensing valves have been replaced by Solenoid valves. - One for steam & one for water.

2- Ceramic grinder for direct pouring of grounds to brew group. Eliminates parts for dosing coffee powder.

3- Bean container = 500 gm.  Water tank = 2.5 L  Used Coffee bin = 15 pucks. Drip tray = 0.5 L.    

3- Steam wand for hot water and for steaming Milk which use efficient Soleoid valve dispensing system.

4- Pinless Wonder Frother for steaming. Manual frothing option. 

6- Option for one or two espresso dispensing on demand. Room for 6" Tall cup.

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