Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino machine 115V

HD8930/47 - Royal One Touch Cappuccino machine 120V 1400W
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Super-automatic One Touch Cappuccino machine 115V. It is one of the best designed model. Exclusively Imported by Parts Guru. Easy to use high performance all day long. CLICK HERE for downloadable Operating Manual (PDF document).

Standard features include:

1- A user friendly Interface for detailed programming & user guidance.

2- Adjustable Conical Burr grinder which guarantees uniform grind & Five Grind adjustment settings.

3-  Pre-brewing pause.

4- Automatic rinsing cycle each time it is started. It cleans & Warms Up passage of coffee.

5- Easy access to Brew group for cleaning.

6- Wide Display Screen for Coffee adjustments of coffee for individual likes & Taste.  

7- Cup height adjustment from 2 to 8 inches.P re-Ground Option to use different Beans. 

8- Adjustable water Espresso size  from One to 10-Oz.

9- Programmable option for drinks Espresso Ristretto, Espresso Lungo, Americana coffee, Machiatto, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, hot Milk.

10- Four programmable coffee strength option with Beans quantity adjustments for intensity of coffee.

11- Removable water tank for easy refill.

12- Option for using pre-ground coffee different from what is in the bean hopper.

13- Dual boilers and two flow meters help to allow convenient one touch dispensing of Espresso, Latte, or Macchiato & Cappuccino.

The model has 1.5 liter water tank and Beans hopper. Unlike Jura machines, this model allowsa esy access to Brew group inside the door for easy cleaning & replacement within 2 minutes. Cup warmer feature available. Click Here to download Royal One Touch User Manual. This machine meets & exceeds any expensive Jura machine for the convenience for operating, maintenance & after purchase technical support & availability of parts.

The LED screen displays the function selected, progress of the function and display of ESC icon, any function in progress can be stopped or interrupted.

This model is 10 times better than all Jura machines & Saeco New Gen models Xelsis, Accademia, Intelia, Intuita, Minuto, Odea, Talea, Primea, Platinum line.

Before use, please read the manual and understand the programming of several different drinks. Explore several amazing controls  & functions. Enjoy the machine for its easy maintenance, its potential to make classic shots of espresso, its convenience for cleaning and maintenance.

Royal One Touch Dimensions: 13" wide; 17" deep; 15.5" high; weight: 33-lbs. Water tank 64-Oz. Bean hopper 1.7-lb. beans.

For routine maintenance of espresso machine:

1- Descale the machine every two or three months. It cleans hydraulic system & prevents internal back pressure - a common cause of leaks & allows optimum water temperature and full jet of steam. Regular descaling helps to eliminate 70% of malfunctions and extends the life of the machine. Automated electronic descaling does not clean espresso side of the machine. Make sure the espresso side of the machine is descaled by activating the rinse cycle while the solution is in the water tank.

2- On fully automatic machines, avoid using dark roast oily beans. Oily dark roast beans clog coffee grinder and cause malfunctions. Do not refrigerate beans. The beans absorb moisture and clog and rust the grinder burrs. Clean coffee grinder (Built in or stand alone) every three months. It is easy with illustrated guide.

3- Lubricate the Brew group every month. It will function smooth and quiet. Illustrated instructions are available.

4- Use a Shot glass or a transparent cup for instant evaluation & visual check of espresso quality showing the color of espresso and the thickness of Crema.  

Saeco is Original manufacturer. Royal one Touch model and all other Saeco models are designed better than many other brands.

In all Saeco fully automatic models including Royal One Touch, the Brew group is easily removable for cleaning daily. The machine is conveniently programmable automatic adjustment for the quality (intensity) and quantity (length) of coffee and cappuccino as you like. Grinder bypass feature allows use of different pre-ground coffee. Machines includes 18-Oz. milk carafe.

Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty for electrical parts and labor. After the warranty period, we provide tech support and parts to help owners fix the routine problems mainly due to missed maintenance eprocedures.

Comparative Feedback: The Saeco fully automatic machines are better designed and lower priced than any Jura models. Unlike the Jura One Touch models, Saeco models allow easy access to the Brew groupftro cleaning, maintenance and repair. Jura Company is USA does not share any Technical support or provide any after sale service. Jura machines are made for Jura by Eugster and Frismag Switzerland. The access to brew group, maintenance, availability of parts and technical support and other technical information is not provided by Jura. Unlike Jura machines, Saeco models cost less than half the price. Coffee made from Saeco machines tastes as good or better & hotter than coffee made by Jura machines. Jura machines use almost all parts in plastic except the water and steam boilers.

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