Why we do not sell Philip/Gaggia espresso machines?

Why we do not sell Gaggia espresso machines
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Many customers have called us to ask, why we do not recommend or sell Gaggia machines.

The following reasons will explain:

1- Gaggia fully automatic machines are in fact made by Saeco. Philips bought Saeco group in 2006 & moved the assembly plant to Romania. The better designed older models were discontinued to make room for poorly designed new machines.

2- All well-designed Saeco/Gaggia models (Syncrony, Titanium, Syncrony, Magic & Royal line models have been discontinuued.

Since 2006 Philips added the following changes: 

3- Models have 20% more plastic parts.

4- The new automatic models have very badly designed steam valves (Platinum, Accademia, Brera, Exprelia Intelia, Intuita, Minuto) all have serious design problems.

5- New models stated under (3) have highly complicated & inefficient coffee dispensing faucets.

6- Added weak multivalves between boiler and brew group.

7- Replaced efficient Conical burr grinders with Ceramic burr grinders. Ceramic burr grinder is operated by plastic sensor gear to generate electronic impulses. This is weak design.

8- The strong & long lasting PTFE tubes have been replaced by weak reinforced Silicone hoses that burst due to hot temperature & pressure.

9- Philips has selected one exclusive parts distributor. This distributor operates an automated system that does not differenciate between ordinary & urgent. At any given time there can be 60% parts on back order for 36 to 48 days. We decided to stop selling the Saeco & Gaggia machines made after 2006. 

To solve this difficulty permanently, we worked with Italian engineers, used the good features from all other brands to assemble Gamea Revo compact fully automatic espresso cappuccino machine. Gamea Revo has parts made in Italy. To keep the cost low, the Gamea was assembled in China with full quality control. Please review the features of Gamea & Demo Video. Gamea Revo has changed the way classic shot of espresso is made.

Gamea Revo,  is available for purchase.

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