Why we do not sell Saeco espresso machines

Why we do not sell Saeco espresso machines
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Customers have frequently called us to ask, why we do not recommend or sell Gaggia, Spidem or Saeco machines?

The following reasons will explain:

1- Saeco pre 2006 models were well designed & efficient. (Incanto line, Italia, Vienna, Magic, Royal line). Gaggia Titanium, Syncrony compact & Digital models. These models were discontinued fast in 2006.

2- Philips bought Saeco group (Includig Gaggia & Spidem Brands) in 2006. The pre-2006 good models were discontinued very fast to make room for machines made in 2006.

3- The Saeco plant was moved to Romania where labor is cheap and no quality standards apply. The models display the Logo Philip/Saeco & identified as the New Generation models: Odea, Talea, Primea, Xelsis, Accademia, Platinum, Italiano, Syntia, Brera, Exprelia, Intelia, Intuita, Minuto, Minuto, Pure, Xsmall). These models are designed with Ceramic burr grinder, complicated 28-piece steam valve, a 28-piece Coffee dispensing faucet & a cheap multivalve assembly. There are 20% more plastic parts that malfunction frequently & cause leaks.

4- The strong durable PTFE tubes in the pre-2006 models have been replaced by reinforced Silicone hoses. These tubes burst due to hot water& 15 Bar pump pressure when the lines are clogged. Yet another quality degrade.

I speak frequently to frustrated owners of these machines because they cannot find over 60% parts on back order for 4 to 6 weeks. 

5-  The dealers who sell these machines can not & will not share any details. An Indian Monkey can hand-over the packed machine to a UPS driver and claim hefty sales commission check!

6- Philips authorized one exclusive parts Fulfilment center a Robot like retarded operator without any experience with espresso machines & does not differenciate between ordinary or urgent. At any given time there are 60% parts on back order for 4 to 6 weeks. Saeco service centers & parts re-sellers are helpless & frustrated due to non availability of parts. The machines cannot be repaired fast & small parts cannot be sold to owners of machines for DIY. We decided to end this exploitation by Philip Saeco stop the hopeless situation. 

Philips has Deaf ears & we could not get anywhere with suggestions. To solve this difficulty permanently, we worked with Italian engineers, used our 25-year repairs experience to pool together the good features from all successful models, to design Gamea Revo compact fully automatic espresso cappuccino machine, designed in Italy with parts made in Italy. Gamea Revo has 20% fewer parts (Eliminated knobs, buttons & On-Off switch. Replaced multiple part valves with Solenoid valves. To keep the cost low, the machine was assembled in China with full quality control. CLICK HERE to review the improvements built in Gamea Revo. The machine is not perfect, yet at its selling price, Gamea functions 10 times better than any Jura & Philips/Saeco machines.

Most Gamea problems are Operator errors (Use oily beans, use very fine pre-ground coffee powder meant for commercial semiautomatic machines, select coffee election when there is little or no water, parts are not inserted correctly etc. Famous brands are taken for granted to be good and no one seeks reviews and owners of famous Brands do not share their Frustrations.

Gamea Revo,  is available at a reasonable price at $795.00 plus shipping.

CLICK HERE to watch Demo Video on Gamea Revo 

We welcome Saeco, Jura Gaggia or Spidem espresso machines owners to consider upgrade. If the Jura, Saeco or Gaggia machines were purchased on Costco, William Sonoma, Bloomingdales, Macy or Bed Bath & Beyond, please return them. Sell old machines on eBay or Craig's list. Machines that have been used more than 10 years have no life left in them for any repair cost investment.

Almost every kitchen appliance is easily upgraded for better or newer models except the Espresso machine. I never understood why?

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