Barista (SIN006) Steam Valve 4 Piece Kit

Barista SIN006 Steam Valve 5-pc. kit with 30 gm. tube of lube
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Saeco Barista  steam valve 4 piece repair kit (includes two steam rod O-rings, Needle valve, washer PTFE seal). 

Make sure to remove the old PTFE washer that can remain stuck inside the valve housing. Remove Old O-rings, clean the space for two new O-rings. Apply a thin film of lube on the O-rings and new valve. Insert the steam rod with new needle valve at its tip and thread hand tight the steam rod. Kit is suitable for Starbucks Barista SIN006, Starbucks Athena, Saeco Gran Crema, Estro Vapore, Starbucks Barista Zia, Rio Profi, Via Venezia, Via Veneto, Super Idea, Spidem ssense  and Magic Cappuccino models.

Kit Includes: (1) W60023; (1) W60024; and (2) P60023

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