Blade for LemonSprint juicer

704 Blade for Lemon Sprint juicer
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704 blade for LemonSprint juicer. 

Lemonsprint is Citrus fruit juice extractor (Lemon, Orange and Grape fruit). With all Stainless Steel construction, it offers the strength and long life for any commercial location, free from break down and simple maintenance. Other than cleaning and lubricating the moving and sanitizing of the product contact parts, there is very little maintenance required. The most frequently replaced part is the door knob simply because it is misplaced or lost more than any damage!

 The download brochure for Lamonsprint automatic Lemon, Orange and  Jiucer. 120V highlights technical data and features with dimensions.

How can one not love the juicer as a powerful, reliable tool with small foot pront for profits.

Less maintenance - less pain - Higher profits. 

World's Best - Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Juicers

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