Carpigiani Chocolady Hot chocolate dispenser 10L

Carpigiani Chocolady Hot chocolate dispenser
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Carpigiani Chocolady Hot chocolate dispenser;


Order a Commercial 10l Chocolady Hot Chocolate Dispenser for your cafe shop,Party,Restaurants or events, make delicious hot chocolate mix drink for your guests. It is pretty thing in the winter.

CLICK HEREfor Demo video by Becker on Youtube


The dispenser heat up with water, but the chocolate do not need to touch water.  The machine with a pot in the base to store water, so you can find a refill water at side. The machine will be heat up water at first, then transfer to bottom of bowl to heat up chocolate liquid. No burn chocolate if you make thick chocolate drink.


you can easy to remove bowl with tap at side after you clean out the bowl for wash.  Use tap to flow out all chocolate before remove bowl. easy to clean. You can seperate tap, bowl for clean every time.


Model: Chocolady
220-240 V 50Hz 1000 Watts or 110V, 60 Hz 1000 Watts


  • Anti-clogging faucet
  • Reaches serving temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes of start-up
  • Easy-to-read, adjustable thermostat
  • Rotating paddle ensures product consistency
  • 2.6 gallon (10 liter) capacity
  • 12 month free parts replacement warranty
  • 120V, 1000W, 8.3 amps; a cord and 5-15P plug are included
  • CE Listed
  • Brand: Chocolady


Hold up 10l chocolate mix
Bain-Marie Heating System
Mix with paddle stirrer
Temperature control thermostat from 0-85 C for chocolate mix.


1pc into a carton box
G.W: 28 kgs for ship
N.W: 9 kgs

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