Crathco D-series 5 gal. Spray Tube L=12-3/4"

1261 Crathco Spray Tube 5 gal. for standard D series models D15; D25 and D35.
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Crathco spray tube L=12-3/4 inch, for 5 gallon standard bowl models D15, D25 and D35.

Authorized warranty service center for


This part #C0017054 is not suitable for use in any of the following Crathco New models

CS-2E-16, CS-2E-16-S, CS-2E-22, CS-2E-22-S, CS-2E-10, CS-2E-10-S

CS-4E-16, CS-4E-16-S, CS-4E-22, CS-4E-22-S, ).

Please identify the correct model of your dispenser & avoid orders of wrong part.

CLICK HERE to download Crathco Illustrated complete parts list.

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D15/4 Crathco

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