Crathco D255/4 Juice dispenser 230V

Crathco D255/4 Juice dispenser model230V
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The Worlds Best Crathco standard bowl dispenser with 2 bowls of 5 gallon each 230V 50Hz. ABS plastic side panels and drip tray. Powerful visual appeal. It can be operated with spray circulation for all fruit juices. For heavy mixes or products that generate foam (like Iced Tea) can be operated with Agitator system without Spray tubes. The Agitator cover is included spare with the machine.

Serve Chilled and iced drinks like juices, Coffee. Latte, Cappuccino, Tamarindo, Chai, Tea, Lemonade etc.

Shipping dimensions

Base: 16-1/4” x 20-3/4” x 13-1/2”
(41 cm x 53 cm x 34 cm)
Bowl: 22-1/2” x 15-1/2” x 8-1/2”
(57 cm x 39 cm x 22 cm)

Weight dimensions

77 lbs (base: 60, bowls: 17)
34.9 kg (base: 27, bowls: 8)

Compressor 1/6 H.P.

Crathco juice dispensers are World's best designed coolers.  The dispensers have a simple design with flat cooling plate and stainless two piece dispensing Valve system with cup activated (non-cup contact) dispensing handle. 

Crathco dispensers are easy to clean, sanitize, use and maintain.  Simple maintenance includes lubrication of bowl gasket and dispensing valve and cleaning the condenser coil for maximum ventilation. Dispensers are shipped from USA. Click Here to download product Brochure.

CLICK HERE to download Crathco D-series diagram & parts list.

                    Premix Cold Beverage Dispensers

Crathco 2x5 gal. container Model D25/4        Crathco model E29/4 (9 liter container)

Crathco - World's Best Juice dispensers.

Simple to instal, operate & maintain.                     

2-year warranty for electrical parts & labor   

   Serve Chilled juice from cold juice Display Dispenser

                                  Saves 5% waste of juice by way of spills and drip

Click Here Crathco the World’s Best juice dispensers

  D15/4 Crathco

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