Crathco Pump Motor-D-E series & Super Bowl 115V

1068 Crathco Pump Motor for D and E series 115V
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Crathco Pump Motor for D25, D35, D112 (super Bowl - model discontinued), E29 and  E49 models. Magnet drive and mounting bracket not included. Also good for use in models DW25, DW35.

Please note the proper setting of magnet on the motor shaft can be difficult. This can cause more than one attempts to install the magnet correctly.

For convenience of easy installation, we recommend the complete assembled part (See part number C0017044 for D25, D35, E29 & E49 models). The complete pump motor for D15, 120V  is part # C0017020) with mounting bracket and Magnet. Click here to find the complete assembly.

Part # C0017004 is suitable for Crathco D & E series only.

Not suitable for New Simplicity models listed below:

CS-2E-16, CS-2E-16-S, CS-2E-22, CS-2E-22-S, CS-2E-10, CS-2E-10-S

CS-4E-16, CS-4E-16-S, CS-4E-22, CS-4E-22-S.

Please identify the correct model of your dispenser & avoid orders of wrong part.

Wrong orders will cost you return shipping & additional shipping to replace correct part).

CLICK HERE to download Crathco D-series diagram & parts list.

                    Premix Cold Beverage Dispensers

Crathco 2x5 gal. container Model D25/4        Crathco 2x9 liter container Model E29/2

Crathco D & E series - World's Best Juice dispensers.

Simple to instal, operate & maintain.                     

2-year warranty for electrical parts & labor   

   Serve Chilled juice from cold juice Display Dispenser

                                  Saves 5% waste of juice by way of spills and drip

Click Here to review all Crathco juice dispensers

  D15/4 Crathco

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