Parts for Crathco D-112 SuperBowl one hopper 12 gallon.

Bipolar On-Off Switch Black (22x30mm) 4 Pin

7.34 - C002383 - 99066 Faby black bipolar switch 22x30mm

On-Off black switch 22 x 30mm

  • Price: $28.00

Crathco Nut Valve Bushing Super Bowl D-112

1987 - G0017037 Crathco Nut Valve Bushing (D-112)

G0017037 Nut valve bushing for D-112;

  • Price: $28.00

Crathco Bearing Sleeve, D and E Models

3220 - G0017064 Crathco Bearing Sleeve

Crathco Bearing Sleeve for D and E series

  • Price: $21.00

Crathco model D112 Bowl Cover (double wall un-insulated)

1155 - M40048 Crathco Bowl Cover D112

Super bowl un-insulated cover

  • Price: $299.99

Crathco D & E series Condenser Fan motor (1550 CCWR) 115V

1336 Crathco Condenser Fan motor 115V Unit bearing 0.25 inch shaft 20 threads 9 Watts 0.14 A 1550 RPM CW LE

Crathco D15, D25, D35, E29, E49

  • Price: $153.00

Crathco Dispensing Valve with O-Ring

1010A Crathco D and E series Dispensing Valve with O-ring

D15; D25; D35; D255; D355, D112 , E29 and E49 models

  • Price: $55.00

Crathco Plastic Drip TRAY and COVER

2232 - G0017046 Crathco Drip Pan with Drip Pan Cover

D15, D25, D35, D112 and E29

  • Price: $38.00

Crathco pump Magnet Drive Assy.

1733 Crathco pump Magnet Drive Assy.

For all Standard D and Mini E models

  • Price: $38.00

Crathco Spray tube SuperBowl D-112, L=8-1/8"

1175 Crathco Spray tube for model D-112. L=8-1/8 inch

Spray tube- for D-112 Super bowl

  • Price: $18.00

Crathco Super Bowl Pump Cover for spray tube

1165 Crathco Pump Cover Super Bowl for spray tube

Superbowl Pump cover for Spray tube

  • Price: $89.99

Crathco Washer Lockdown SuperBowl D-112

2023 Crathco D-112 Washer Lockdown

Washer lockdown for Super Bowl D112

  • Price: $18.85

Parts for Crathco D-112 SuperBowl one hopper 12 gallon.