ELCO Gear Motor Repair Kit, 1st Gear 19mm Bearing

EGRK4-19 ELCO Gear motor repair kit - 1st gear with 19 mm bearing
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  • Item #: EGRK4-19mm
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ELCO Gear motor repair kit - 1st gear with 19 mm bearing.

Kit Includes: C0013010- (1); C0013011- (1),  C0013013- (1); 4 oz Lube

Please check closely the diagrams. Do not order if the make & model of the slush machine is not known. Wrong orders will cost additional shipping. Purchase is final. No returns or refunds available.

Gear motor repair is a precision repair. Please do not fill the box with lube. Apply grease like cream cheese on a Bagel.  Take pictures as you disassemble the gearmotor to help correct re-assembly.

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