Bearing Caps 13mm Diameter for Ugolini, SPM, Sencotel

Bearing caps 13 mm diameter for Elco & Ugolini gears

Bearing caps 13 mm diameter, set of six. Suitable for Elco & Ugolini gearmotors.

  • Price: $22.00

Ceme Coil 230V 50Hz 22x29x32

Ceme Coil 230V 50Hz 13.5VA 22x29x32

 Solenoid coil 22x29x32

  • Price: $29.99

Ceme Solenoid Coil 120V, Size 32x35x34 mm

Faby 1298 - CEME Solenoid coil 120V Standard Size32x35x34 mm Also used in GBG, FSM and Sencotel slush machines.

Fits CAB Faby and Sencotel Slushie Machines

  • Price: $49.99

Condensation Drain Pipe Silicone 8x12x325 mm

SL30PZ12NT8 Condensation Drain Pipe Silicone 8x12x325 mm

 Condensation drain pipe Silicone 8x12x325 mm

  • Price: $38.00

Condenser coil cleaning brushes Pair.

Condenser coil cleaning brushes

 Kit includes 2 Condenser Brushes.

  • Price: $25.00

Elco gearmotor -1-1/2" Output shaft 120/230V

SL330000339 - SL3MS4M015C Elco gearmotor for GBG, FSM, Sencotel -1-1/2" Output shaft and six pin plug. Use as 120V or 230V item. LF#1240301

Elco gear motor 1-1/2" output shaft for GBG, Sencotel, FSM

  • Price: $499.00

Faby Skyline 120V 2 Bowl Machine Black

Faby Skyline Fast Freeze Slush machine 1120V Black

Skyline-2 fast freeze 120V Black.

  • Price: $2,200.00

Midget Fuse 120A 20 Amp

90444 Midget Fuse 120A 20 Amp

 Main fuse 120V 20A

  • Price: $16.00

Stera Sheen Green Packet (3 Pack)

Stera Sheen Green Packet (One Packet)

Stera Sheen Green Pack of 3 packets. Stera-Sheen Green is a NSF approved.

  • Price: $15.00

UGOLINI MT, NHT, GIANT Solenoid Coil 115V, 6W

UGOLINI NHT Solenoid Coil 115V, 50/60 Hz. Dimension: 22 mm Wide x 32 mm Deep x 30 mm High,

WB4.5 6W 115V

  • Price: $47.00

BUNN Dryer Assembly

27187.0000 Filter drier assy for refrigeration - without access valve

Filter drier

  • Price: $25.00

Tap Handle (Black) Sencotel-GBG-FSM

SL3GS12040D Tap Handle (Black) Sencotel/GBG/FSM

Faucet handle GBG, Sencotel

  • Price: $24.99

Solenoid Valve Body with Coils for 3-Bowl Slush Machines

SL300970157-SL-3GS36711D-4.57 - Solenoid Valve with Coil 230V 3-Bowl Slush machines. Use for all 3-Bowl slush machines. GBG/FSM, Sencotel, Ugolini, Staff, Elmeco, SPM.

Valve body with 3 Coils, 120V

  • Price: $350.00

GBG Auger Drive Shaft 13.5 " long for 12 liter bowl

SL3GS12030A - Auger drive shaft with Brass coupling 13.5" long for 3 gallon bowls.

GBG, FSM, SPIN, Sencotel, & Staff Drive shaft with Brass coupling 13.5 inches long.

  • Price: $84.99

Petrol Gel NSF Approved Food Grade Lube 4 Oz. tube

Petrol Gel NSF Approved Food Grade Lube 4 Oz. tube

Petrol Gel Lube 4 oz. Tube

  • Price: $12.00

Sencotel Auger Shaft Seal and Dispensing Tap Maintenance Kit

Sencotel Auger Shaft Seal and Dispensing Tap Maintenance Kit

GBG, Sencotel and FSM 2 bowl Slush Machines

  • Price: $99.99

Spin twin Dispensing Handle Black

SL310005692 Twin twist Tap Handle

Twin twist handle Black

  • Price: $59.99

SENCOTEL G5 Bowl Gasket, RED

SL300500133/SL320000107 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Tank Gasket

GBG Sencotel Bowl Gasket  5L Bowl

  • Price: $45.00

GBG-Sencotel Faucet Spring Cap, WHITE

SL300951601 - Sencotel new tap Spring Cap

GBG-Sencotel New Tap cover White

  • Price: $40.00

GBG New dispensing Handle Pin - White, (Set of 2)

Sencotel Faucet handle fixing Pin new white

Dispensing handle metal Pin white

  • Price: $26.00

SENCOTEL GS5 Auger Spiral 5 Liter 147x248 mm

SL320000795 GBG GraniSmart Auger Spiral 5 liter 147x248 mm

GraniSmart Auger Spiral 5 liter 147x248 mm

  • Price: $89.99

GraniSmart Lid for 5-Liter Bowl Black 340x180 mm

SL320000874 GraniSmart Bowl Lid Black 340x180 mm

GraniSmart Lid for 5-Liter Bowl

  • Price: $75.99

GBG-Sencotel Tap Spring 8 Coils, 2 Pieces

SL320001401 - SPIN Tap Spring

SPIN Tap Spring

  • Price: $18.00

Sencotel-GBG Dispenser Tap Piston NEW STYLE

SL310001367/SL320001629 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Dispenser Tap Piston

Dispensing Handle Tap Piston, White. 

  • Price: $29.99

Faucet Double Lip Gasket - Sencotel - GBG - Carpigiani

SL320001758 - Sencotel GBG Double Lip Piston Gasket

GBG, Sencotel, and Carpigiani Slushie Machines

  • Price: $60.00

SENCOTEL G5 Transparent Bowl 5 Liter

SL340000541 - GraniSmart 5Liter transparent Bowl for GBG Sencotel

GraniSmart Bowl 5L

  • Price: $177.99

SPIN Bowl Lid Complete Assembly

SL340000884 GBG SPIN Bowl Lid Complete Assembly

SPIN Bowl Lid

  • Price: $279.99

SPIN granita Drip TRAY and COVER

SL340000885 - GBG SPIN Drip Tray Assembly

SPIN Complete drip tray assembly

  • Price: $48.99

CEME Solenoid Coil 120V - 22x29x32mm

SL38EAD18GL - C.E.M.E. Solenoid Coil 120V

Sencotel, GBG, FSM SPM, and Elmeco

  • Price: $85.99