Elmeco First Class & Big Biz New Hall Sensor

Elco-33/ EFC58N/ EOSW-9603 - Elco-33Elmeco First Class new Hall Sensor
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Elmeco First Class New Magnetic hall sensor for gearmotor - see picture. Before placing order, please verify the type of sensor (Old or New) that is on the gear motor. See display. Wrong part ordered will cost you additional sgipping and 20% restocking fee. This sensor is sold complete with the snap on bracket. The wire in the machine can be connected to the sensor. Make sure the magnet on the Rotor and the rotor shaft are clean. Any dust or grease will blind the sensor and machine will not cool or freeze.


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For routine maintenance of Slush machines:

1- Lubricate moving parts, seals and gaskets. It extends life of parts.

2- Keep condenser coil clean for maximum ventilation. It extends the life of compressor.

3- Avoid serving over-frozen product and prevent damage to expensive gear motor and plastic parts.

4- Sanitize product contact parts with NSF approved Stera Sheen Green sanitizer every two weeks.

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