Faby Skyline Fast Freeze 3-Bowl Slush Machine Black 120V

Skyline Fast Freeze 3-Bowl Slush Machine Black 120V
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Skyline 3-Bowl Slush machine Fast Freeze 120V, 20A. These models with latest design features. Here are some of the more important advantages over other Brands:

1- Elegant design for attractive presence at any location.

2- Simple control with switches that last longer.

3- LED light inside rear of the bowl for bright display of product.

4- Each bowl has independent control. Can be used for slush or cold juice dispensing as needed.
Each hopper has 3-gallon mix capacity. No added Ice, no special effort.

5- Single lid without light or connection wire. In other models it is an expensive maintenance to replace bulbs and repair/replace snapped light wire connection.

6- Large size condenser coil makes it freeze fast and allows serving Alcoholic drinks Diaquiris, Margaritas.

Faby Skyline slush machine freezes fast, holds better at higher ambient temperatures - better than any other machines sold in USA.

7- Machine can be used toserve slush mix, juice drinks and Italian Ices.

8- Defrost timer allows 24/7 programmed control of freeze or juice dispensing

8- Warranty includes one year on electricaal parts and unlimited tech support.

We recommend & sell Faby Skyline. World's Best slush machine.

It holds up better at higher ambient temperatures than BUNN Ultra.

Prepare the mix and fill in the hopper. It will freeze on its own and make 3 gallon slush drinks with 15% overage. Adjustment with easy tension adjustment with a screw. Over night turn it into Defrost cycle. When necessary it can be used for serving chilled bevrages at 40F. Lighted top lid helps attract customer's attention.

This machine can also be used all day long to freeze slush mixes, serve Italian Ice.

When necessary switch it to serve chilled Tea, Lemonade and other juices.

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