Frucosol Compact Automatic Orange juicer

Frucosol FC Compact Automatic Orange juicer
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Frucosol Compact versatile is an automatic functional orange juicer. It offers your customers. high quality orange juice in very hygienic conditions. The juicer is affordable & a profit center on its own, for a variety of food service businesses. It squeezes 10 to 12 Oranges (up to 70mm diameter) in a minute. Placed in a visible location, it attracts attention for impulse buying.

This juicer eliminates the frequent breakage of badly designed Peel ejectors seen in Zumex. We do not recommend or sell Zumex, Zumoval or Zummo Brands.

Compared with the plastic front cover in Zumex, the Frucosol unit has a Stainless Steel cover with large glass window for clearly visible squeezing operation.

The juicer in action develops a fatal attraction with its process of soft slicing of the Orange and squeezing the juice between rotating squeezing wheels. This juicer increases sale & customers come back on a regular basis. Who would not want a freshly squeezed natural glass of juice every day?

Small foot print 12" wide x 14.5" deep x 29" high  Weight 60 lbs. (27 Kg)

CLICK HERE to watch a 2 minute video on Frucosol Compact

Ideal for Grocery stores, Super markets, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Outdoor events, Diners, Vending trucks & more 

  • Automatic easy to operate mechanism.
  • Stainless Steel frame & squeezing display through glass window, eliminate damage, commom in other juicers
  • Sell the Oranges to customers to feed the machine and have fun watching the squeezing process.
  • Let customers place the glass on the cup-rest & drop the fruit in the feeder tube to fill it.
  • Easy cleanup at the end of the day, dis-assembly and re-assembly
  • Voltage: 110 V / 50-60 Hz.;Consumption: 150 W / 2.3 Amps ; Single-Phase 3/4 HP
  • Fruit Size - Diameter of 2¼" through 3¼";
  • Production 20-25 Fruits /minute.
This automatic juicer will enhance the location profile. Talk to us. Order one today.

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