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1- Best espresso machine you will own

It is so well designed. Easy to use and maintain. Best unit on the market. Thanks everyone at Parts Guru for developing the Gamea! Many of our friends have purchased this machine after seeing ours which is a great testimony of your product.

2- Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the Gamea Revo. Really a nice machine, easy to clean and use. And great coffee. Thanks again. Worth waiting for! Roger X Cohn

3- Thank you for recommending the Gamea - it took me a few days to adjust to it - but now I love it. There are some really great features and I like the functionality. The grinder is much more quiet than either my Saeco or Gaggia was, and I really appreciate that the Dreg Draw is inside the door with the brew group - this way I will not ignore cleaning the brew group (that was a problem for me!!!) Now I know I will be caring for my machine as I should. The touch screen works beautifully and the steamer is also a huge improvement from the traditional type. Lois Heckman

4- I ordered parts from the Parts Guru which were delivered late, not because of the Parts Guru but because of the USPS. But the best part of the transaction was finding a youtube video, by the Parts Guru, describing the process of rebuilding a Jura E9. After a couple failed attempts to fix the Capresso, I sent an email to parts guru looking for any guidance I could get. I think it was even on a Sunday, and got a response back the same day with info that lead to a successful assembly and operation of my Jura. By Charles Hazen

5- These guys are awesome! We had a problem with our Saeco unit and they helped us over the phone (free of any charges). They saved us a lot of time and money :) Quality people running a quality business, please support them! Terry Johnson

6- A Class Act! Great company, very knowledgeable and willing to help fix problems. Great people and outstanding customer service. Used them for a few years now to get my Jura Capresso fixed, order parts and get advice. Never disappointed. by Andrew Rozycki

7-Fast shipping and reliable part (Jura Oval Head Key), as described! The key worked perfectly on my Jura J6 machine. Highly recommend. Eric Barbarite

8- I have a Gaggia Titanium, that has worked great for over 20,000 cups. Only replaced the burr grinder once. Then, it just quit working. That is, the brewed coffee came out at a trickle. After cleaning to no avail, my instinct: bad pump. Since I like to try to fix things first, I did some research. My research took me to Parts Guru. I found my guru; and, his name is Edward. He had me thoroughly clean the machine, inside and out. Then, he had me send him some data as to how my machine was (or, wasn't) performing. He refused to sell me a new pump, convinced that there was something else wrong. Eventually, we found that the flow meter was blocked with debris; and, all it took was a little air pressure, properly applied, to get it working again. Granted, with Edward's guidance, I did put a lot of time into the trouble-shooting. However, the only cost to me is my promise to buy a quality coffee bean from Parts Guru that won't gunk up my machine in the future. Thanks, Parts Guru and Edward. by Ron & Linda

9- Thank you for your YouTube videos. Because of your help, I was able to learn a lot about taking my Jura Capresso Impressa J6 apart. I bought the special key and was then able to safely remove the screws to disassemble my machine. Although there was no video that actually applied to my exact problem, getting into the machine was the first step that saved me “at least” $200 to pack it up and send it back to Jura. I don’t know the name of the part that I had to reinstall but I figured out where it belongs and did the necessary repairs. If it wasn’t for Parts Guru, I would not have been able to even consider taking my expensive cappuccino machine apart. I also was able to clean it while I had it apart because it was full of coffee grounds. Now it is working perfectly again. If anything else goes wrong, I am going straight to Parts Guru and purchase the necessary parts if you have them. Thanks, Part Guru! by Adele Simons

10- My experience with Parts Guru was simply awesome! I was able to find a step-by-step video that they made that addressed the exact repair that I needed to make on my espresso machine. I found a parts package for the fix. I shopped around and found they their prices were also the lowest. I ordered the parts and 2 days later, I had them and I was able to fix my machine using the video. Thanks to everyone at Parts Guru. You all have been great to work with and I appreciate that you are there.

10-excellent espresso maker !!

A few months ago I had traded in my Gaggia Synchrony coffee maker for the Gamea Revo espresso maker.
What a great machine! Perfect for our household with a fantastic touch screen operation. Easily mak
es some great coffee, espresso or cappuccino just by the touch of your finger. Every morning we can't wait to turn on our GAMEA and enjoy an awesome coffee within minutes. All this at a great price!
No need to go to Starbucks or anyone else anymore.
Also the team at Partsguru always does provide an excellent service

11- Gamea Revo automatic espresso maker 120V

Awesome Coffee Machine
The Gamea Revo automatic coffee machine is awesome! Purchased several for friends as gifts and have had the opportunity to watch them in action. Now I am assured a n excellent cup of coffee every time I visit them. Before they were using Pods (a very expensive way to buy coffee by the thimble!). That coffee was thin lacking body and freshness.
Now with the Gamea machine I get a fresh, flavorful and satisfying cup every time! Easy to use and maintain too.

The Coffee Guru and staff were most helpful in the setup and delivery of the machines. I would most certainly recommend this machine and vendor

12- Gamea Revo Silver automatic Compact Espresso maker 120V

excellent machine
I purchased the Gamea machine a little over a month ago after living with a Jura F9 for the last 10 years. The Jura was $2100.00 and was down for repairs 3 time. It was fixed once under warranty and I fixed it twice using parts from this company. Jura wanted $350.00 to open and diagnose the problem plus parts and labor. They estimated $750.00. I bought the parts from Parts Guru for $17.00 and repaired it myself.
The Gamea makes a better cup of coffee/ espresso than the Jura, is far simpler mechanically and can be cleaned better and easier.
This machine is a great value and works really well. You can't go wrong with this one.

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