GAMEA Revo Complete Boiler Assembly 120V

GAMEA Revo Complete Boiler Assembly 120V
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Price $175.00

Complete boiler assembly with steam and hot water boiler.  Hoses, temperature sensor, thermal fuse and thermostat included.  When your GAMEA Revo displays two bars upon start up, it means that one or multiple boiler components fail to heat up.  That is why the machine fails to heat up.  The complete boiler assembly is easy to replace than diagnosing individual components.

Descale your GAMEA Revo every 4 months to extend the life of your machine.  Descaling is the single most important maintenance to ensure it makes hotter and robust espresso/coffee.

Did you know that you can make a true Americano from your GAMEA Revo coffee machine without moving a cup?  Make 1 shot of espresso at 2 ounces.  Then add the desired amount of hot water to the cup by pressing the hot water button (second button from the left on the main screen).  Without moving a cup, you can enjoy flavorful Americano with less caffeine than making 8 ounces of coffee.

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