GBG-Sencotel Auger Shaft Seal and Suction Gasket

1199335/ SL300951857/ SL320002598 - GBG new Shaft seal (Scraper Rubber) and notched shaft support - sold as set
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GBG/Sencotel new shaft seal set. This listing is for later model seal set. The shaft support with two O-rings is with lugs.  Fits SPIN, GHZ and GB Models.

The two small lugs may not allow insertion in some models of Sencotel & GBG. In such a case, please snap the lugs & level the rough broken edge, to install.

Set includes:

1  suction bushing item no. 2 on the picture in the display diagram,

1  new shaft support, item no. 4 on the display diagram and,

2  silicone o-rings for shaft seal, item no. 3 on the display diagram.

New seal set must be used together with Bell shaped soft seal and the shaft support for effective sealing. Apply a thin film of lube before inserting the shaft support with O-rings. Seals must always be lubricated.

Used for GBG, FSM, Sencotel, Carpigiano and Gold Medal slush machines. It is easy to clean and easy to remove.

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For routine maintenance of slush machines:

1- Lubricate moving parts, seals and gaskets. It extends life of parts.

2- Keep condenser coil clean for maximum ventilation. It extends the life of compressor.

3- Sanitize product contact parts with NSF approved Stera Sheen Green sanitizer every two weeks.

CLICK HERE to purchase the NSF Approved Food Grade Lubricant for lubricating moving parts and seals.

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