Gaggia 2 Cup pressurized Filter basket with peg 54.5x25mm

21000491 - 996530010302 Gaggia Perfect Crema 2 Cup pressurized Filter basket
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New Perfect Crema 2-cup pressurized filter with single hole (0.6mm). edge ø 68 mm - height 27 mm

Dimensions are: Upper rim diameter 54.5 diameter x 25 mm Height, with built-in crema disc. Sold with Support Peg (part # T0018658). This pressurized filter basket replaces the old emulsion rubber disc. We recommend this filter basket for all Gaggia semiautomatic home espresso machines & commercial espresso makers with a 57 mm diameter filter basket. Use coarser coffee grounds (fineness like the grain of table salt). Just level the grounds in the basket - No tamping necessary. Insert the filter holder in the group.  Use for all Gaggia semi automatic models Coffee, Classic Coffee. all Baby Gaggia old and new 2006 models, Espresso, Gran Gaggia; Carezza, Tebe, Paros, Evolution, Color and Dose and Saeco model Nina, Starbucks Sirena, UNIC, Rancilio, and any other portafilters with 57 mm filter cup.

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