Intenza - Brita Water Filter & Descaling cartridge

LF 101001 & 5050501 - Lavazza #33010274 Intenza Water Filter
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Saeco Intenza - Brita Cartridge is a dual purpose filter. (The external case may be different in outer print). It filters checmical taste and also removes Calcium sediment. This water cleaner & descaler cartridge is better than the expensive Saeco-Philips product. Before use, please Descale the machine to ramove previous Calcium deposits that may be in the hydraulic system inside the machine. The cartridge prevents accumulation of new Calcium sediment. It will not remove old Calcium sediment. Suitable for use in Saeco Models: Incanto, Vspresso, Titanium, Nina, Odea, Intelia, Syntia, Primea, Poemia, Talea, Magic, Royal, New Royal line machines. Also suitable for use in Gaggia Accademia, Brera, Platinum line, Lavazza EL3100, EP101. EP1800, EP3200, EP4100, EP850, EP950. To install: Dip the cartridge in water and squeeze the round soft body to eliminate air bubbles much as possible. Transfer the cartridge to press in the round space, tight. Fill water in the tank & replae on the machine.

lntenza water filter helps remove chemicals like Chlorine and improves taste. Regular use eliminates the need to descale your espresso machine. Individual adjustment (ABC) guanrantees optimum espresso aroma enhancement. It is recommended to change the water filter cartridge every two months or 3000 espresso drinks (not including water used for Tea & other drinks) for optimum coffee taste.

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