Jura Grinder Upper Burr inside Casing

Jura Grinder upper ring
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Grinder upper burr with casing and transparent seal.  Cone is not including. Fits all Jura models except GIGA series. For ring & cone set please check part #2005

The grinder burr should be replaced after every 3,000 grinds of Beans.  Failure to do so, results in poor coffee quality and grinder timing out during operation that results in FILL BEANS message despite the full coffee beans hopper.  If you get a FILL BEANS error message, consider replacing the upper burr; thoroughly clean out the grinding chamber to rid of residual ground coffee that could block the ground coffee passage to the brew group.

Refurbish Jura brew group, with the Illustrated refurbishing guide (Part #0010764). 

The guide is very helpful to disassemble & re-assemble brew group without missing any step.


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