Jura Membrane Regulator Hairpin Style with O-Rings

Jura Membrane Regulator Hirpin style + O-ring for C-E-F-J-S-X series
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Jura Membrane Regulator | May Fix Jura FILL SYSTEM Error

The membrane regulator with O-ring is for hair pin lock connection to the PTFE tube.  Includes one o-ring for pump outlet connection (bigger of the two) and one for PTFE tube connection. Includes one of each O-rings 0010718 and 0010721  Lubricate the o-rings before installation using only the NSF approved food grade lube for smooth insertion and proper sealing to avoid any leakage.

Without this, the pump will be noisier and not regulate required pressure.  It connects to the Invensys or ULKA pump with 1/8" threaded connector. The new models use re-enforced silicone hose  which connects with a clamp.

Suitable for the Jura Impressa and ENA Models: C5 - C9, C3000, E9 - E45 - E50 - E55 - E70 - E75 - E80 - E85;  F9 - F50 - F60, S7 - S7 Avantgarde - S9 - S9 Avantgarde - S90 - S95;  X9 - X90 -  XS90;  ENA 3 - ENA 4 - ENA 5  - ENA 9.

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