Jura OEM Tune Up Kit, 29 Pieces

Jura OEM Sealings Kit
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Tune Up Kit for Jura Automatic Coffee Machines. This 29 piece kit can be used to repair Jura brew group piston orings and also fix the internal leakage problems such as water tank, and membrane regulator.  Jura maintenance sealings.  Please note the brew group o-rings do NOT fit JURA ENA Micro and A models.

Kit Includes:

0010730- (2); 0010726- (1); 0010715- (4); 0010716- (1); 0010717- (2); 0010718- (1); 0010722- (7); 0010721- (10); 0010635- (1)

1- 2 x O-ring for brew group lower and upper piston, red  

2- 1 x Water Tank lip seal gasket, red (sits below the water tank)

3- 4 x hair pin locks for pressure hose

4-  2 x O-ring for the brew group riser tubes, black 

5- 1 x O-ring for pump connection angle (diaphragm type)

6- 7 x O-rings for hose Thermoblock (steam) heat resistant, red/blue

7- 10 x O-Ring for Teflon Pressure Hose, drainage valve, & brew group water supply hose

8- 1 x sample size pouch of food grade lube (Lubri Film Plus/Petrol Gel) for greasing the applicable areas of the brew group

9- 1 x Jura Oval Head Security key to open the machine, stainless steel

Please note that tune up kit will NOT work with ENA Micro and A models.

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