Jura Temperature Sensor with 2-female Pin connector

Jura Sensor Thermoblock Z5, Z6, Z7, and X5
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Jura Thermoblock Temperature Sensor Z5, Z6, Z7, Z9, X9, GIGA 5, GIGA X7 | Fix Jura ERROR 1 and ERROR 2. Jura Sensor for Hot water (Coffee) Thermoblock. OEM Sensor Female 2-pin connection L=200mm (8 inch long end to end). Suitable for Z5 - Z7 - Z9 - GIGA 5 - GIGA X7 - X9 models.

Loop ring is connected to the water/coffee thermoblock via torx screw size 5x8.  The other 2-pin female end is connects to the Electronic board. When Jura espresso machine shows ERROR 1 or ERROR 2, then thermal/temperature sensor needs to be replaced.  The primary function is to sense the temperature.

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