Magister Stella Home & Professional Espresso Machine 115V ETL

Magister Stella Professional Espresso Machine 115V ETL
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Magister Stella Professional E61 Group Hand-lever semi-automatic coffee machine.  ETL listed. Stella Professional is equipped with E61 group and meets or beats other models in the size & category. The machine was on display in our show room and does not have originla box. It will be packed safely for shipment.


The Magister Stella Professional Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is a welcome addition to the Magister line. Its traditional design compact size, and commercial strength make this a leading competitor in the semi-automatic line. All Stainless stell body will be a welcome look of an appliance. It has a 2 liter pourover water tank. Can be connected to a 5 gallon water bottle placed under the counter top (within 3 feet distance from the machine). Use in the coffees shop, small cafe or hotel coffee bar, in Mobile Homes, Mobile Trailer Food service at outdoor events sand in the kitchen for the "at-home barista".

The commercial style copper boiler has all the features that are found on larger commercial machines. It allows simultaneous brewing and steaming, enabling smooth operation. It has both an insulated steam wand and hot water dispensing wand that adjust laterally so that they can swing in either direction for easy access.

With commercial capabilities its size makes it convenient for those who want great espresso without need for a large counter space. It is 14.4” tall, 11.25” wide and 19.0” deep.

The E61 brew group provides pre-infusion and a thermal siphon for maximum temperature stability and aroma extraction. The eye catching highly polished steel housing is as durable as is it beautiful.

Features & Benefits: Coffee

Heavy Duty Commercial Portafilter - The commercial style double spout portafilter is made of chrome-plated brass for temperature stability throughout the brewing process. The filter holder can be adapted for Coffee Pod use.

E61 Commercial Brewing Group is made of chrome plated marine brass, which provides a superior brewing environment with maximum heat stability and component longevity. The commercial E61 brew group is known throughout the industry to be one of the best due to its thermal siphon design. The thermal siphon circulates hot water from the boiler to the group thus keeping it piping hot in times of inactivity. Its temperature stability is as good as it gets.

Commercial Design Heat Exchanger Boiler System - The large 1.3-liter copper boiler with brass end plate takes about ten minutes to heat up. Once it is up to operating pressure it can brew continuous espressos all day long. Due to the boiler’s large size it can also do many lattes and cappuccinos without any recovery time. The heat exchanger allows you to brew and steam at the same time.

Unique Lever Control w/ 3-Way Valve - There are only two controls on the Stella Professional. The main power switch is located on the upper center, and a lever on the right, which operates the brewing process and solenoid valve. The main power switch is a lighted rocker switch, when the machine is turned on it glows amber/yellow, and the boiler immediately starts to heat up. When the steam pressure gauge reaches 1 bar of pressure, you are ready to brew. The only control you will need to operate is the lever that is located just to the right of the brew group. This is a very unique system because this lever actually controls a valve in the brew group. Press the lever up to open the valve to start the water flow through the coffee this also activates the pump. Press it all the way down when you are done brewing and it opens a valve that relieves the water pressure off the coffee. This serves two functions; it dries out the coffee to prevent dripping and makes it easy to knock the coffee out of the portafilter with one knock. This valve that you are operating is a very high quality piece of equipment that gives you more of a hands-on system that most standard pump machines.

Low Water Cut Off - The Stella Professional has a low water sensor mounted in the water reservoir that will turn off all power to the boiler if the water level gets too low.

Pressure Controller w/Pressure Gauge - The boiler temperature/pressure is controlled through a pressure controller. It senses the pressure in the boiler and turns on the heating element in the boiler as the pressure drops. You can visually see the boiler pressure through a pressure gauge on the front of the machine. When the needle in the gauge is between 1 and 1.5 bar of pressure you are ready to brew and steam. If the pressure controller ever gets out of calibration you can tell by the pressure on the gauge. Just give us a call and we can easily walk you through resetting the pressure controller.

Pressure Gauges - The Magister Stella Professional has 1 pressure gauge display that allow users to easily monitor boiler pressure making it easier to monitor the extraction parameters.

Electronic Controls - The "Electronic Boiler Refill Control" is the brain of the machine. It uses probes mounted inside the boiler and on the base plate below the reservoir to sense their water levels. It uses this information to control the operation of the pump for refilling the boiler when necessary. It will also turn the boiler off for safety if the reservoir or boiler runs out of water.

Cup Warmer - We always preheat cups when brewing espresso. A non-preheated cup will immediately suck the heat out of the espresso thus robbing you of maximum enjoyment. The Magister Stella Professional has a passive cup warmer located on the top of the machine. The cup warmer is 10" x 10".

Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Hot Water Dispenser - The Magister Stella Professional has a separate hot water dispenser pipe. Just turn the knob on the right and the boiler pressure will push hot water out through the dedicated wand located on the right side.

Steam Wand - The steam wand is high enough off the counter and long enough to work well in any situation. It also rotates the left so that it you have plenty of room to work.

Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other

Water Reservoir

The 2.75-liter reservoir may be removed for cleaning. The easiest and safest way to fill the Stella Professional is by removing the reservoir.

Maintenance - Back flush the Magister Stella Professional at least every 7-9 days. It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. Put a blank filter basket into the portafilter (supplied) and add a tablespoon of cleaner. Install the portafilter into the machine and turn the control lever up to start the pump. The pump will be noisy as it starts and will quiet down as the pressure builds. When the pump has quieted down, turn the lever all the way down. This will cause the cleaner to be blown up into the brew group, through the three-way valve, and down into the drip pan. Do this until the cleaner that is being directed into the drip pan is just free of coffee colors. Finish the process by rinsing out the brew group.

Housing Construction - The Magister Stella Professional is breathtaking. Polished steel housing, cup warmer and front panel. Stainless steel drip grate and drip pan. Heavy powder coated steel frame and chrome plated brass brew group.

Hand-lever semi-automatic coffee machine.
• External chrome-plated group with hand lever
• Polished stainless steel body
• Copper boiler, auto-fill device, pressure gauge
• Over-heat sensor
• Automatic shut-off with acoustic warning (lack of water)
• Safety valve
• Copper pipes, brass fittings
• Thermally insulated steam and hot water wands
• External taps in chrome-plated brass
• Steam and water knobs with chromed caps
• Mechanical pressure stat
• Drained anti-vacuum valve
• Self-priming valve
• Anti-backflow valve
• Expansion valve
• CE and UL-listed components

Technical specifications
• Dimensions (inches) 11.2 (W) x 19.0 (D) x 14.4 (H)
• Net weight 40 Lbs.
• Operative pressure 9/10 Bars
• Boiler pressure 1,2 Bars (adjustable)
• Pour-over versions
• 1.3-litres boiler
• 115 volts/ 1,300 Watt

Two year extended warranty on parts is included with the machine.

CLICK HERE to watch the introduction and overview of the Magister Stella Professional espresso machine.

CLICK HERE to watch the operating instructions.

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