Saeco Idea Restyle Superautomatic espresso

Saeco Idea Restyle Superautomatic espresso
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This machine is for high volume coffee shops. It saves grinder space. It saves training of staff and guarantees consistent quality of Espresso drinks The fast, trouble free store brand quality cup after cup draws attention for more customers.

Creating your drink with Idea Restyle has no limitation.The combinations of ingredients and the facility to use the elements of Idea Restyle simultaneously, allow to create personal recipes to achieve the taste.

Once programmed, you need a push of a button to deliver Espresso, Cappuccino, Machiato Latte, & Mocha drinks.

Removable & washabe brew group, high capacity of the coffee.

Expanded modular set up with upto 150 cup warmer and one gallon cooler for Milk.

 Reduce cappuccino delivery to less than half of manual delivery.

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Please call for price and package with purchase of beans.

Payment terms available with credit approval.

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