Saeco Lirika SUP041 EU O.T. User Manual 120V

Saeco Lirika SUP041 EU User Manual 120V
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Saeco Lirika SUP041 EU User Manual 120V

Saeco Lirika One Touch Bean to Cappuccino 120V, Imported exclusively by Parts Guru.

Available at Affordable price from experienced technicians

Convenient, One Touch Comfort & Quality of coffee

Imported exclusively & recommended by Parts Guru

Price includes One year warranty on electrical parts & labor

Who could ask for anything more?

The main features of Lirika One Touch are following:                                      

1- New design in which multiple part assemblies of steam & water dispensing valves have been replaced by Solenoid valves. - One for steam & one for water.

2- Ceramic grinder for direct pouring of grounds to brew group. Eliminates parts for dosing coffee powder.

3- Bean container = 500 gm.  Water tank = 2.5 L  Used Coffee bin = 15 pucks. Drip tray = 0.5 L.    

3- Steam wand for hot water and for steaming Milk which use efficient Soleoid valve dispensing system.

4- Pinless Wonder Frother for steaming. Manual frothing option. 

6- Option for one or two espresso dispensing on demand. Room for 6" Tall cup.

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