Saeco Phedra Twin-Taste-Technology Vending machine

Saeco Coffee beverages Twin-Taste-Technology Vending machine
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Saeco Phedra EvO 120V Twin-Taste-Technology vending machine that uses Saeco patented brew group to serve fresh Bean to cup espresso, small or large  Long American coffee. Phedra also has three additional containers for dry mixes. These containers can be filled with dry milk powder, Chocolate powder and preground coffee powder. A combination of dry mix will dispense8 different beverages at the touch of beverage selection. The product can be pre-programmed to dispense coffee beverages at the push of a button.

This small vending machine is good for self service impulse buying in convenience stores, waiting rooms in Hospitals  & more. This model is foor commercial use and if locations can be found for placing, it can be highly profitable. Phedra TTT is a completely automatic table-top vending machine of the last generation with design and technical performance at the top of the range. It is equipped with the new Saeco TTT TwinTasteTech brewing unit that allows the dispensing of both paperless fresh brew coffee and espresso coffee without any software or mechanical presetting. The product can be selected by simply pressing a button on the direct access keypad.

Designed for small and medium locations, it is available with cabinet in two versions, standard and for payment system, and dispenses up to 8 different beverages.

  • 8 direct selections195 cups
  • 4 + 1 ground coffee
  • Espresso brewing unit TTT
  • standard or for payment system cabinet optional

Ideal for use in Offices, Select the machine with choice to dispense small or large espresso, Cappuccino & Latte with powdered milk, choice of American coffee or preground coffee.

More information is available for use of Phedra in offices or car dealerships, Car Wash, Banks, Super markets, Convenience stores, Rental places, Large businesses with over 50 staff, Theaters, for use in booths at trade shows to engage conversation with visitors.

Rubino 200


Product type Espresso from coffee bean, Fresh brew and instant products
Technology Fully automatic machine: Automatic dispensing of cups, sugar and stirrers 
Advised for Small locations - Offices
Cups (h 70 mm) 196
Stirrers 180
Number of selections 8
Number of preselections 4

Coffee bean container 1
Ground coffee containar 1
Instant product container 2
Sugar container 1
Number of Grinders 1
Disc mixer 2
Water supply standard: standard: water supply optional: independent water tank kit

Display 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display
Keyboard Direct access 8-button keypad for beverage selection

Power supply 230 V / 50 HZ
Power consumption 1250 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 458 x 757 x 537 mm
Weight 46 kg
Independent water tank 20 l (kit)
Boiler Brass
Coffee Group Saeco TTT TwinTasteTech brewing unit
Brewing unit 10 gr


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Unique opportunity for a new espresso machine

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Image result for saeco lirika o.t images                Royal One Touch Cappuccino Machine                 Espresso coffee machine / commercial / automatic AULIKA TOP Saeco            

Lirika Plus               Royal One Touch          AuLika Top OTC H.S.

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 Smile with every cup of coffee

Unparalleled quality & Efficiency

Coffees like you'd get in Italy

  Machines with solid performance, cup after cup all day long

Removable Brew group that can be cleaned in no time

A perfect mix of quality & performance



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