Sencotel Auger Shaft Seal and Dispensing Tap Maintenance Kit

Sencotel Auger Shaft Seal and Dispensing Tap Maintenance Kit
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12 piece maintenance kit for 2 bowl GBG, Sencotel, and FSM granita and slush machines.

Kit Includes:

D0011462- (2)

D0011374- (2)

D0011396- (2)

Maintenance kit includes:  2  Evaporator Suction Bushings,  2  Shaft Seal Support,  4  Shaft Seal Red Silicone O-Rings,  2  Tap Piston Red O-Rings,  and 2  Tap Bottom Plug.

Petrol Gel food grade is sold separately.  It is non-toxic, water resistant, high melting point lubrication tube.  Free from animal fats and vegetable oil.

For routine maintenance of slush machines:

1- Lubricate moving parts, seals and gaskets. It extends life of parts.

2- Keep condenser coil clean for maximum ventilation. It extends the life of compressor.

3- Sanitize product contact parts with NSF approved Stera Sheen Green sanitizer every two weeks.

CLICK HERE to purchase the NSF Approved Food Grade Lubricant for lubricating moving parts and seals.

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