Sencotel and FABY - Gear Motor Shaft Seal Kit, 4 Pieces

3.04 AND 3.05 Faby Shaft Seal 4-pc. kit 19 mm diameter O.D.
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Faby and Old GBG Ring seals (2-pcs) and  white collar bushing seal (2 pcs.)  Please check the picture closely to make sure that the machine has same seals.  These are seated together in the recessed space. Please make sure to check the diameter of existing seals and compare what is in the picture matches exactly, before placing order. The manufacturer changed these seals several times.

To install these seals, pull the center shaft out from the rear of the machine. Pry the old seals out and re install the new seals. Clean the space for new seals and lubricate the space and seals, before inserting.

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