Shipping Instructions for espresso Repairs

Shipping Instructions for espresso Repairs
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 Please follow these simple instructions when sending your machine to us for repairs. Our technicians are skilled with over 20 years experience. We stock parts for fast turnaround.


Pack your machine properly cushioned inside a sturdy box. Please use the original packaging, if available. Place the original box inside another box with some packing between the outer and inner box. If you do not have the original packaging, we recommend that you take your machine to a professional packaging store.

If you choose to pack it yourself, use a strong and sturdy carton that is big enough for the machine. If you are using Styrofoam Peanuts to pack, then place the machine inside a large plastic bag & tie it. Use heavy duty large-bubble wrap (the small bubbles are not sufficient) and fill the empty spaces of the carton with Styrofoam peanuts. Shake well & add more peanuts if necessary. The machine should not be loose inside the box.

We repair Jura, Delonghi, Saeco, Gaggia, Pavoni home espresso machines


Ship your machine via UPS/ Fedex/ DHL. DO NOT SHIP VIA U.S. MAIL. Cover insurance for shipping damage. Keep your tracking number. Track your machine by calling directly the carrier used.

We kindly request that you use the tracking number of the shipping carrier to verify that your machine arrived our repair facility. Also, please email the tracking number once your machine is shipped as it helps us keep track of the incoming machines for repairs.

If you take your machine to a packaging/shipping store many times the return address on the box will be their address, not yours. Make sure to tell them to place this note just under the flaps of the carton.

Please Note Services Unlimited, Inc is NOT held liable or responsible for any shipping damage either inbound or outbound. Machine owner is responsible for all In-Transit damage claims. The claim must be initiated by the machine owner directly through shipping carrier. Please ship your machine to:


ATTN: Repairs



Repair/Clean Up/Tune Up Services:

Each machine is thoroughly inspected for all malfunctions and leakages. The seals and o- rings are replaced where necessary. The brew group is refurbished and lubricated.

Multiple cycles of descaling process is completed to ensure that machine’s hydraulic system is cleared of all calcium sediments.

Repair Turnaround Time and Estimation Fee:

Machines are serviced in the order that they are received. Please allow 2-3 weeks to repair your machine from the time of receipt. You will be called with a repair estimate for approval. If the repairs are delayed due to the part that is out of stock, we will call you to keep you apprised of the reason for delay.

In the case your machine needs an expensive part such as electronic power board or CPU, we will call you with the prohibitive cost of the part and request your approval for additional cost to proceed with the repair. Should you decide not to replace the expensive part, we can offer you the Trade-In option for one of the better Brands/Model of fully automatic machines that we sell and recommend.

Should you decide to not proceed with the Trade-In option, you will be billed $95.00 as the cost for diagnosis plus return shipping charge.

Please note, we must receive your approval of repair costs in 30 days after its given to you. Machines left for over 30 days, will be considered abandoned.

Repairs Payment Method:

The cost of repair can be paid by MasterCard/Visa/Discover (We do not accept American Express).

You may also send payment to our PayPal account (

Your Contact Information:

Please fill out the required information below and send this form back with your machine. Make sure that we can find it as soon as the box is opened.

Place it just under the flaps or tape it well to the outside of the box.

Please keep in mind that many of the machines that we service look alike. This note is the only way we can identify yours.

Your Name___                                                                    _ Company  Name___                                                           _ Street Address____________________________                              _

City_                                                   State_____________Zip Code__________________ Phone: _                                                  _    Email __                                                                           _

Make, Model, and Serial Number on the machine

_                                                                                                                                               _


Ship Date____________           ____           _ Signature_____________                          _

Please write below a detailed explanation of the malfunction you experienced in your machine. Include some details of maintenance. This will help our technicians expedite the diagnosis and repair process.

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