Staff-Slush machine parts.

Bipolar On-Off Switch Black (22x30mm) 4 Pins

7.34 - C002383 - 99066 Faby black bipolar switch 22x30mm

On-Off black switch 22 x 30mm

  • Price: $28.00


SL3CHML740B - Chocolady Mixer Motor & Bracket 120V

Chocolady Gear Motor

  • Price: $299.99

Complete Lid Blue for GBG, FSM & Sencotel

Complete Lid Blue SL340000016/ SL340000696 Sencotel GBG or FSM

Complete Lid Blue with light wire, display sign and bulb.

  • Price: $216.00

Condensation Drain Pipe Silicone 8x12x325 mm

SL30PZ12NT8 Condensation Drain Pipe Silicone 8x12x325 mm

 Condensation drain pipe Silicone 8x12x325 mm

  • Price: $38.00

Condenser coil cleaning brushes Pair.

Condenser coil cleaning brushes

 Kit includes 2 Condenser Brushes.

  • Price: $25.00

Condenser Fan Motor GBG-Faby-SPM 115V 9W


Faby, SPM, GBG, Sencotel Condenser fan motor 115V 9W CCW LE.

  • Price: $250.00

Defrost Timer 24/7 with Extended Control Switch 120V

Defrost Timer 24/7 With extended control Switch 120V

Defrost timer for with adjustment with 15 minute increments.

  • Price: $180.00

GBG Blue drip TRAY and COVER (D-Shaped narrow hooks)

SL340000032/ 7.95N - Sencotel, FSM GBG Blue Drip tray D-shaped narrow hooks, with grid.

Blue drip tray - narrow hooks

  • Price: $45.00

GBG Drip D-shape Blue wide hooks TRAY and COVER

SL340000535 / 7.95NB - FSM GBG Drip tray Blue D-shape with grid. No level float. Wide 3/4" hooks 3" apart.

GBG, FSM Drip tray wide hooks

  • Price: $80.00

GBG Louvered Side Panel section (White)

GB-3.30 - SL3GS36006B Side Panel Louvered Section, White Plastic. Size 310 x 106 mm.

GBG, Sencotel side panel white.

  • Price: $59.99

GBG small Auger Drive Shaft 5 liter bowl size 10.5 inches

SL320000771/SL320002576 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Drive Shaft for 5 liter bowl.

GBG graniismart, FSM Cool Tropics, Sencotel 5 liter Bowl models.

  • Price: $48.00

GBG upper Condensation tray Black

SL3GS24007C GBG FSM Sencotel Black upper Condensation tray

Upper condensation tray

  • Price: $48.00

GBG, FSM, Sencotel Auger Spiral, Ridged Tip

SL320001599 - SL3GS12009D Sencotel Auger

OLD Style Auger Spiral.  Fit Sencotel, GBG, and FSM slush machines.

  • Price: $95.00

GBG-Sencotel Faucet Spring Cap, WHITE

SL300951601 - Sencotel new tap Spring Cap

GBG-Sencotel New Tap cover White

  • Price: $40.00

Midget Fuse 120A 20 Amp

90444 Midget Fuse 120A 20 Amp

 Main fuse 120V 20A

  • Price: $16.00

PGL4x4Oz - Food Grade Lube Economy 4 x 4-Oz. Tubes

PGL4x4Oz - Food Grade Lube Economy 4 x 4-Oz. Tubes

Food Grade Lube  4 x 4-Oz. tubes.

  • Price: $45.00

Sencotel Auger GB and GHZ Models

SL320001599 - SL3GS12009D Sencotel Auger

Fits GBG, Sencotel and FSM Slush Machines

  • Price: $99.99

SENCOTEL G5 Bowl Gasket, RED

SL300500133/SL320000107 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Tank Gasket

GBG Sencotel Bowl Gasket  5L Bowl

  • Price: $45.00

Sencotel Midget Fuse 25A 500V 10x38 mm

SL38WZG0025 Sencotel Midget Fuse 25A 500V 10x38 mm

Midget Fuse 25A 10x38 mm

  • Price: $18.00

Sencotel-GBG 12 L bowl+old Tap lever, Double lip Piston & gasket

SL310003145 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Bowl Complete

Sencotel, GBG, FSM Cool Tropics 12 Litre Bowl assembly with tap & Bowl gasket

  • Price: $274.99

Sencotel-GBG Shaft Seal O-rings, 3 pieces

950194/SL3GS4044B-SL300950194 Sencotel GBG Tap O-rings(6) w/Lube

O-rings Set of six for GBG Shaft Support with Lube.

  • Price: $22.00

Single Pole On-Off Switch Black (11x30mm) 2 Pin

7.36 - C002306 Faby Black single pole switch 11x30mm

On-Off Switch - socket size 11x30mm

  • Price: $15.00

GBG-Sencotel Auger Shaft Seal and Suction Gasket

1199335/ SL300951857/ SL320002598 - GBG new Shaft seal (Scraper Rubber) and notched shaft support - sold as set

Fits Carpigiani, Sencotel, GBG, FSM Slush Machines

  • Price: $45.00

Tap Handle Black - Sencotel-GBG-FSM

2.80 BLACK - SL3GS12040D Sencotel GBG Faucet Handle Black

Sencotel Grani Smart, Grani Time, Grani Sherbet, GSM, and Grani Cream

  • Price: $24.00

Tap Handle (Blue) Sencotel/GBG/FSM

SL320000043 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Tap Handle (Blue)

GBG Tap handle Dark Blue.

  • Price: $25.00

Solenoid Valve Body with Coils for 3-Bowl Slush Machines

SL300970157-SL-3GS36711D-4.57 - Solenoid Valve with Coil 230V 3-Bowl Slush machines. Use for all 3-Bowl slush machines. GBG/FSM, Sencotel, Ugolini, Staff, Elmeco, SPM.

Valve body with 3 Coils, 120V

  • Price: $350.00

Torque Control Freeze Microswitch - Normally Open

Microswitch Torque controlled normally open, Faby-SPM

Torque controlled limit switch

  • Price: $30.00

3 Postion ON-Off-ON Switch Black (11x30mm) 3 Pin

7.35 Faby On-Off-On stable selector switch 10x30 mm

On-Off-On 3 position switch Black (11x30mm)

  • Price: $29.00

SPM Transformer 120V to 24V

SPM Transformer 120V to 24V

Step down

  • Price: $151.00

Microswitch Torque controlled 5A, 250V N.O.

Microswitch Torque controlled 5A, 250V N.O.

Microswitch Normally open

  • Price: $28.00

Sencotel rectangular drip tray white

SL30090751-Sencotel Drip tray rectangular white.

Staff Sencotel drip tray rectangular white

  • Price: $28.00

GBG-Sencotel Suction Seal and Shaft Support

951857 - SL320002589 GBG FSM & Sencotel new shaft seal. Shaft support smooth in front and back.

Fits FSM, GBG, Sencotel, and ElectroFreeze slush machines

  • Price: $45.00

Ceme Solenoid Coil 120V, Size 32x35x34 mm

Faby 1298 - CEME Solenoid coil 120V Standard Size32x35x34 mm Also used in GBG, FSM and Sencotel slush machines.

Fits CAB Faby and Sencotel Slushie Machines

  • Price: $49.99

Fin Comb pair double sided

Fin Comb pair double sided

Fin Comb 8 & 10 Fins per inch

  • Price: $18.00

Drive Shaft O-Ring in Viton 19x12x5 mm, 2 Pieces

SL3GS12032B Drive Shaft O-ring in viton

Drive Shaft seal for slush machines

  • Price: $26.00

Bowl 12 Liter No hooks (GBG, SPIN, FSM, Sencotel)

#SL340000539, AL340000538; SL340000002; SL340000887- GB-2.00 Bowl 12 liter - No hooks GBG/FSM Sencotel

Bowl 12 Liter No hooks-for GBG-FSM-SPIN Sencotel

  • Price: $259.99

GBG-Sencotel GB, GHZ Bowl Gasket, RED

GB-2.01 - SL3GS36007B, and SL300950070 Bowl Gasket GBG-FSM-Sencotel ΓΈ 170 mm

GBG, FSM, Staff, Sencotel, Carpigiani

  • Price: $33.00

Tap Handle (Black) Sencotel-GBG-FSM

SL3GS12040D Tap Handle (Black) Sencotel/GBG/FSM

Faucet handle GBG, Sencotel

  • Price: $24.99

Clip For Bowl bottom Lock - Old GHZ, GBG, FSM

GB-3.34 - SL3GS24008A Bowl locking Clip GBG FSM Sencotel

GBG Bowl locking clip

  • Price: $19.00

Sencotel-GBG-FSM Switch Panel 3 Bowl, BLACK

SL3GS36321A Switch panel black 2-bowl Sencotel-GBG-FSM

 Control switch panel for three bowl

  • Price: $55.00

Fan Blade Condenser Motor Sencotel/GBG/FSM

SL300009305 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Fan Blade (12x2)

GBG-GHZ-FSM condenser Fan Blade

  • Price: $28.00

Solenoid Valve 3-Way 220V for Slush machines

SL300970157 Sencotel/GBG/FSM 3-Way Solenoid Valve with coil 120V

3-Bowl solenoid valve and coils 220V

  • Price: $360.00

GBG-FSM-Sencotel Transparent Bowl Lid without Locking Tabs

SL300950359 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Transparent Lid UL

Transparen lid without locking tabs for GBG/FSM Bowl

  • Price: $75.00

Sencotel-GBG-FSM Tap Spring (Old Models)

External Tap Spring (Old) Sencotel/GBG/FSM

 Faucet handle external spring for older models.

  • Price: $19.00

GBG-Sencotel Faucet Piston Bottom Plug, 3 Pcs

GBG FSM Sencotel Faucet Bottom Plugs set of 3

Fits Sencotel, FSM and GBG Stoelting

  • Price: $40.00

GBG-Sencotel Tap Piston O-Rings, 3 Pieces

SL300950194/SL3GS4044B Sencotel/GBG/FSM Gasket For Tap - set of 3.Piston

  GBG-Sencotel Tap O-ring,

  • Price: $14.00

GBG Pin For fixing Handle Black (Set of 2)

SL3GS12043D Sencotel/GBG/FSM Pin For Handle (Black) (pair)

Black handle fixing pin. Sold in Pairs

  • Price: $18.00

GBG Evaporator rear cover Black


GBG Rear cover evaporator Black

  • Price: $47.00

GBG Faucet Piston Seal 6-Piece Kit, NO LUBE

GBG FSM Sencotel Faucet seal kit 3 O-ring and 3-Bottom plug

Food Grade Lubricant is NOT included

  • Price: $50.00

GBG Auger Drive Shaft 13.5 " long for 12 liter bowl

SL3GS12030A - Auger drive shaft with Brass coupling 13.5" long for 3 gallon bowls.

GBG, FSM, SPIN, Sencotel, & Staff Drive shaft with Brass coupling 13.5 inches long.

  • Price: $84.99

Tap flow Reducer for Sencotel/GBG/FSM

SL300950475/950475 Tap flow Reducer Sencotel/GBG/FSM

Plug for splash free dispensing.

  • Price: $29.99

Sencotel GHZ Dispensing Tap Piston Gasket Kit

SL310002378 - SL300951604-SL300950258-SL300950194 Tap Piston with O-ring & bottom plug - Sencotel-GBG

Improved and Durable Tap Piston Gasket

  • Price: $100.00

GBG New Style Tap Handle Black

SL300951671 Sencotel/GBG/FSM New style Tap Handle Black

GBG New faucet handle Black

  • Price: $42.99

Sencotel New Black Drip TRAY and COVER Wide Tabs

SL340000502/ SL300970003WHB Sencotel Drip tray with cup rest Black. Dimension 8*x5x2"

Drip tray with cup rest, Wide hooks

  • Price: $69.99

Thermostat with coiled capillary end for Sencotel/GB

SL300350467/SL37AAL3231/350467 Thermostat with coiled capillary end Sencotel/GBG/FSM

Non electronic sensor type

  • Price: $75.18

Electronic Relay finder For Compressor 115V - 4-pins

SL38CD65311 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Relay For Compressor (115V) (4-pins)

GBG-Sencotel Compressor Relay finder 115V

  • Price: $139.99

CEME Solenoid Coil 120V - 22x29x32mm

SL38EAD18GL - C.E.M.E. Solenoid Coil 120V

Sencotel, GBG, FSM SPM, and Elmeco

  • Price: $50.00

Solenoid Valve Body with Coil 120V for 2-Bowl Slush Machines

SL3GS24711D/SL300951230/SL3GS24711A Solenoid Valve with coil 120V for all slush machines

UGOLINI, Sencotel, GBG, CAB Faby, FSM, Elmeco

  • Price: $295.00

Ventilator Motor Fan 115V 120x120x38mm

SLS03130055 /33800.06901 Ventilator Motor Fan 115V 120x120x38mm

SP100A Vent. Motor Fan 115V 0.26 Amp 120x120x38 mm

  • Price: $129.99

UGOLINI MT, NHT, GIANT Solenoid Coil 115V, 6W

UGOLINI NHT Solenoid Coil 115V, 50/60 Hz. Dimension: 22 mm Wide x 32 mm Deep x 30 mm High,

WB4.5 6W 115V

  • Price: $47.00

PARKER Solenoid Coil WB4.5 6W 220/230V 50/60Hz

PARKER Solenoid Coil WB4.5 6W 220/230V 50/60Hz

 Parker Coils WB4.5 220V  50/60 Hz.

  • Price: $21.00

 Staff-Slush machine parts.