UNIC Single ESE Pod Adapter Filter Basket

33406 UNIC Single ESE Pod Adapter Filter Basket
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UNIC single ESE Pod adapter filter basket - single pod 55 mm diameter. For use in UNIC commercial espresso machines with regular ground coffee group. Use for models Diva, Diva Pro, Rumba, It can also be used in other Filter holders with 57 mm diameter as in Gaggia and Rancilio espresso machines.

The adapter basket is shallow and leaves some empty space below its bottom. When using this basket, leave the filter cup holder locked in the group head, to keep it hot. This compensates the sudden low pressure empty space below the shallow basket.

For UNIC filter holder diagram use link http://partsguru.com/user/33132%20TWO%20CUP%20FILTER%20HOLDER.jpg

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