ZUMMO Citrus Juicer Catalogue

ZUMMO Citrus Juicer Catalogue
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ZUMMO Citrus Juicer Catalogue. Zummo juicers have follopwing advantages:

1- Available in sizes suitable for all sizes of businesses.

2- Equipped with patented Vertical squeezing system. It squeezes 10% more juice than Zumex, Zumoval or Citrocasa models.

3- Zummo juicers have fewer parts. Easy to disassemble, clean & re-assemble.

4- No Zumex type peel ejectors that frequently break.

5- The knobs to fasten squeezing mechanism are in Stainless steel unlike Zumex which has Plastic knobs.

6- Zumex parts are expensive & not easily available.

CLICK HERE to watch Demo Videos for Model Z01 (10 times better than ZUMEX juicers)

CLICK HERE to watch Demo Videos on Model Z06 (10 times better than Zumex juicers)



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