Zumex D65 Versatile Lemon Squeezing Kit

Zumex D65 Versatile Lemon squeezing kit. 225.3315.003 225.0917.000 Essential D65 Feeder tube 225.3314.003 Lower pressing unit 33.176.000 Right Peel ejector Kit 65 33.175.000 Left lemon Peel ejector 120.0025.000 Zumex Knob Screws & key
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Zumex D65 Versatile Lemon squeezing kit Orange color - (lemons, limes, with diameter of less than 65mm). Installation is easy.

Kit includes the following:
Essential D65 Feeder tube with limiting clamp; Zumex Upper lemon squeezing unit Orange color two; Lower pressing unit two; Right Peel ejector D65 one; Left Peel ejector D65 one; Zumex Thumb Knob Screws and Allen-key

Installation instructions:1- Remove the cap and bolt which fixes the current feeder tube. 2- Remove the Peel ejectors and pressing units on bothe sides. 3- Install the new pressing units 4- Install the D65 Peel ejectors. 5 Finally, install the new feeder tube using the new knob screws. Knob screws make it easy to remove & install.

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