Zumex Essential Z100 Lemon Squeezing Kit D65 NSF -R

33.027.200/ 04787 Zumex DEssential Z100 Lemon Squeezing Kit
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Zumex Essential and Essential Pro Lemon Squeezing D65 Kit  Zumex Lemon Squeezing Kit D65. Lemon squeezing kit (lemons, limes, with diameter of less than 65mm). Suitable for Zumex Essential & Essential Pro, NSF Compliant. Kit includes the following:

Zumex Upper Squeezing Unit Orange Color Two;  Essential D65 Feeder tube with Limiting Clamp; Lower Pressing Unit 2 Pieces;
Right Peel Ejector D65;  Left lemon Peel Ejector D65; and  Zumex Thumb Knob Screws and Allen-key

Installation instructions:

1- Remove the cap and bolt which fixes the current feeder tube.  2- Remove the Peel ejectors and pressing units on bothe sides.  3- Install the new pressing units  4- Install the D65 Peel ejectors.  5 Finally, install the new feeder tube using the new knob screws. Knob screws make it easy to remove & install. <br



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