Zumex Multifruit ø 83 Pusher. Sold with cover

32.1037.000 Zumex Multifruit pusher Pistle ø 83 / 86x155 mm
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Zumex Multifruit fruit pushed with cover. ø 83 / 86x155 mm. Sorry the Pusher alone is not sold separately.


We stock Zumex parts for immediate shipment to address in USA or outside of USA. Parts can be ordered from our online store www.Zumexparts.com.

We stock & sell Zumex parts. We also provide technical support.


Parts diagram for Zumex machines available upon request. Mention the serial number for the right diagram.

We do not recommend or sell Zumex juicers. 

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Zummo juicers have patented  Efficient Vertical Squeeze (EVS) system.

The squeezing mechanical uses cups like two hands grab the fruit & slice on the blade

Image result for zummo z06Zummo model Z06

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