Zumex Versatile Self Service Tap Kit

Zumex Versatile Self Service Tap Kit
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Zumex Versatile Z-200 Self Service Tap Kit

Zumex frontal faucet 3/4" for juice tank with Bekolite dispensing handle and Stainless steel connector.

Valid for Zumex Versatile Z200 until serial number 407714.

Ideal for busy locations for speed of serving juice.

To reduce wear and breakdowns, lubricate moving parts and seals with food grade lubricant Petrolgel, available on this Web shop.

CLICK HERE for Zumex Juicers Parts BreakDown.

For safety and prevention of Bacterial competition, use NSF approved Sanitizer SteraDheen Green. Order it from this web shop in sachets of 2-Oz each or Jars of 4-lbs. It kills 99.9% Bacteria in one minute.

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