Zummo Z06 Automated Citrus fruit squeezing juicer

Zummo Z06 automated Citrus fruit squeezing juicer
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Zummo model Z06 round fruit juicing system is a unique squeezing mechanism with EVS (Efficient Vertical Squeezing) patented system. This Automatic juicer is for all Citrus fruit: Oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins, grapefruit and pomegranates. Zummo juicer is housed in a stainless steel body. These juicers extract 10% more juice than other competitor juicers. Please call for pricing.

Unlike Zumex Orange juicer's crushing mechanism, the Zummo juicer uses a patented squeezing system that is unique in the world. Two cups hold the fruit like two hands, press the fruit on the blade for easy slicing in half and & press the fruit gently on a rising piston to squeeze juice with a vertical squeeze without the juice coming into contact with the peel. This means the juice does not pick up any of the oil or bitterness in the peel as it happens in Zumex juicers. Zummo juicers yield top quality,100% pure, natural tasting juice without wasting a drop.

CLICK HERE to watch Demo Videos for Model Z01 (10 times better than ZUMEX juicers)

CLICK HERE to watch Demo Videos on Model Z06 (10 times better than Zumex juicers)

Zummo has the right juicer models Z01 & Z06 for all sizes of businesses. The juicers are with fewer parts, lower in price than Zumex, easy to maintain & re-assembled compared to any Zumex juicers. Zummo juicers squeeze 10% more juice than Zumex. Zummo is sold with 3-year warranty.

                 Call us for more details for the model suitable for your location                   & how you can lower the cost for higher Profits.

• Medium size cup kit . Ø 2.16” - 2.75”
• Large cup kit. Ø 2.75” - 3.54”

FEED BACK: We have worked with Zumex Juicers for 20 years. Our experience with Zummo juicers have a new perspective on how a better designed juicer can save on parts and higher yield of Juice.

Seeing is believing. CLICK HERE to watch a Zummo live action display. Zummo has the Efficient Vertical Squeezing (EVS)system. 

The Zummo juicing mechanism is displayed in its entirety. It instantly mesmerises the customers with fresh squeezing display for healthy drink and talk about the experience to other friends.

Zummo Orange Juicers have 20% less parts resulting in less breakage, less replacement parts & lessmaintenance costs. That simply adds to higher profits.

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